7 Housewarming Gifts They’ll Actually Use

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Let’s say you have a couple of friends who just moved into a new apartment or bought a new home. They couldn’t be more excited about it, and you couldn’t be happier for them. 

Then, your thoughts turn to housewarming gifts. You want to get them something they’ll like but also something useful. You want to go a step above a bottle of wine or some flowers that will be drunk or dead within the week. 

A practical gift that they’ll still be able to enjoy or use months after you’ve given it to them would be ideal. The following are a few ideas for housewarming gifts that are a cut above the ordinary and should definitely make an impression.

1. A Photo Mug

Nothing says “thoughtful gift” like a personalized mug with photos. With this in mind, you should consider getting them a personalized set of mugs from Collage.com. 

You can design the perfect personalized mug for your friend or family member who just moved into a new home with their significant other. You can opt for a standard size or upgrade to a 15-ounce size. 

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There is a plethora of design options, but your options are truly unlimited given that you can create your own custom design. 

These can include anywhere from one to a number of photos on the mug. Let your friends think of you every day when they start their morning off with their cup of coffee.

2. Personalized Cutting Board

Here is another personalized gift that will make yours stand out from most of the typical toaster or fancy candle or gift basket types of gifts that people frequently get during housewarming parties. 

A toaster is fine, but if you haven’t coordinated with the other gift-givers, you don’t want them getting four or five of them. If they’re a new couple, it would be amazing to have the cutting board engraved with both their names and have it say the year they were married.

3. A Unique Key Holder

This is another gift that could open itself up for personalization if you were so inclined. You could have a wooden key holder that hangs next to the front door in their home that says “home” and has their names below it. 

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You could also opt for a unique design in the key holder itself. There are wooden states key holders that are available in the carved shape of each of the 50 states.

4. Kitchen Dish Towels

A set of “his and hers” bath towels is a fairly popular housewarming gift idea, which is probably why someone else will come up with this idea as well. 

To stay in the theme of a useful but also fairly unique gift idea, you might want to consider a set of kitchen dish towels. 

Dish towels are every bit the necessity that bath towels are and will be appreciated by any gift recipient. You may want to try this set of dishtowels that many customers love.

5. A Quality Blender

While a basic kitchen appliance like a blender may not be the most unique gift idea, it’s certainly one they’ll use. Also, if you’re going to get them one, it may as well be a good one, so they’ll want to keep it instead of upgrading right after you give it to them, and it will last a long time. 

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There is a 1450-watt blender from Homgeek that should do the trick. It has a large capacity 68-ounce container, and its titanium mixing blades can tear through anything. They’ll get years of use out of this crushing ice, blending smoothies and chopping, grinding or mixing just about anything else.

6. Tools for the DIY Enthusiast

Let’s be honest. Especially if this is a home they’ve purchased, there are going to be things to fix from time to time. Door knobs come loose, stuff falls apart around the house and you’ll need a basic set of tools at some point. 

When simply calling a landlord to fix even basic things is no longer an option, your friends will be grateful for some quality tools. You should consider the Homeowner’s Tool Kit by Picnic available at Target. 

This 120-piece toolset should cover most of their simple needs when things invariably come loose or fall off around the house.

7. Mason Jars for Storage or Gardening

Mason jars are a staple in most homes because you can do a lot with them. Their biggest use is simply to store all different types of things. Another good use for them is indoor gardening. 

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Let’s say that your friends or family just moved into a fairly small home. There may be no yard to speak of for gardening. A set of mason jars can be planted with seeds and filled with water, and then they’ll have an indoor garden. 

They can grow spices that they’ll use in the kitchen, such as basil or oregano, or whatever strikes their fancy. They’ll definitely be able to find some good use for mason jars, which makes them an excellent, practical housewarming gift.

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