Make a Splash with These Summertime Birthday Gifts

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Celebrate your friend’s birthday with summertime gifts that are sure to make a splash! They will love that these special, handpicked gifts are designed for those born under a tropical vibe.

Neon Ice Cream Light: Summer is nearly synonymous with ice cream, so what could be hotter (read: cooler!) than a neon ice cream light? There are a number of different style cones to choose from including the classic twist or, if you’re feeling really fiery and heated up, a dripping cone!

Pool Float: Sure, they could always lie out in the sun to tan, but nothing beats floating in the pool on a plastic toy filled with air! You can opt for the traditional donut or lounge tube or a float that comes in a slightly different shape and screams fun such as: pineapple, butterfly, loon, sun, unicorn, avocado, pizza, flamingo, and so many others.

A Birthdate Book: Everyone loves to read about themselves, whether they’re into astrology or not. The Birthdate Book offers a completely personalized, unique birth chart reading. They’ll delight in discovering secrets about themselves and their birthdate they never knew before.

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Visa Gift Card: The gift that allows them complete purchasing freedom. They can choose from thousands of vendors and merchants to buy from across the nation. Plus, you can go that extra mile and make it exceptional with a personalized photo of the two of you and happy birthday wishes printed on the front of the Visa gift card, too.

Retro Sunglasses: Help them keep their eyes safe from damaging sunrays this summer – and help them do it in style with retro sunglasses. Vintage glasses are chic and fun to wear, and have the added bonus of shielding those harmful rays. Choose from brands such as Oakley, Versace, Roka, and Shady Rays.

Cactus Shot Glasses: Offered by Blue Panda, this set of 5 cactus shot glasses is worthy of any summertime celebration: July 4th, Cinco de Mayo, picnics, beach days, and of course, birthdays! Depicting five different cactus prints, they look just as great when they are displayed as they do when they’re being used.
Lawn Game: Now that the sun is calling, it’s time to get to the park or the backyard. But, be sure your birthday friend is armed with a lawn game to make their time fun and competitive. Choose from:

  • Bocce Ball (the oldest game on the planet)
  • Ladder Ball
  • Spikeball
  • Cornhole
  • Large Tower Jenga
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Customized Outdoor Sign: Whether it’s to show off their garden, patio, pool area or are criss-crossing street signs depicting how far away their favorite places are, customized outdoor signs will personalize their space so it’s fun, chic, and cozy.

Fun & Relaxing Coloring Book: Sometimes reading a book takes too much energy and your birthday friend might just want to relax. Queue the fun coloring book! All the rage, coloring books are meditative and a great way to take a break from stress. Choose from mandalas, food, nature, even hilarious pooping animals!

Zodiac Throw Pillow: Your Cancer, Leo or Virgo friend (the three summer astrological signs) is secretly looking for any excuse to decorate his or her couch with a zodiac throw pillow.  Celebrate their bright and sunny disposition with a throw pillow that is customized for them.

Picnic Backpack: Don’t just take a walk or go on a picnic, do it in chic and modern style! With a picnic backpack, there’s room for silverware (real), plates, a bottle of wine, wine glasses, even a small blanket to sit on.

Embroidered Baseball Cap: You know you don’t have to love baseball to wear a baseball cap. In fact, all you need is a little attitude. An embroidered baseball cap will put your birthday bestie into a world all their own. Bad hair days be-gone!

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Outdoor Lights: Decorators know one thing, and that is “lighting is everything.” If your friend needs a little ‘oomph’ in their backyard patio area, strings of outdoor lights or well-placed solar lights are the answer. The right lighting conveys a fun and festive atmosphere and will encourage your friend to spend more time outside.

Floating Beer Pong Table: Offered by the GoPong Store, this six foot long floating table comes with tethering grommets, side cup holders, six ping pong balls, and 10 cup setup on each end for fun socializing in the pool or lake. Can be used as a regular floating lounger, too!

Celebrate your friend’s summertime birthday with any number of gifts that embody the spirit of summer. They’ll know you’re going that extra mile when you do, and will feel especially loved.

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