Tips for Maintaining Your Heating and Air Conditioning Unit

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Did you know that your heating and air conditioning system uses more than 50% of your household’s energy? And if it isn’t in tip-top shape, it will use even more energy and cost you even more money to run. That’s why HVAC maintenance should be a priority for all homeowners who want to keep their energy consumption and costs under control. These tips for maintaining your heating and air conditioning unit will help you achieve those goals.

Change the Filters Regularly

The filters in your heating and air conditioning unit trap pollutants like dust, hair, and other fine debris and prevent them from entering your home through your HVAC unit and circulating in your home’s air. When these filters get clogged with those pollutants, they no longer do their job effectively and the heating and air conditioning unit has to work harder to push air through the clogged filter into your home. Therefore, it uses more energy in an attempt to cool or heat your home the way it should.

Changing your filters every month or so will keep them from getting clogged with pollutants and will keep your HVAC unit operating as efficiently as possible by allowing more air past the filters and into your home. Filters are a lot less expensive than the increased energy costs, so it’s well worth the expense to replace these filters regularly.

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Monitor Your Home’s Temperature

We all want our air conditioner to cool us down in the summer and our heating system to warm us in the winter. But, homeowners often keep their home cooler than necessary in the summer months and warmer than necessary in the winter months. This causes the AC and heating unit to work harder than it should, wearing out parts more frequently and using more energy than necessary. To reduce your costs and keep you from overusing your HVAC system, monitor your home’s temperature and keep it only cool enough or warm enough to be comfortable.

In fact, installing an automatic thermostat that will adjust the temperature of your home at various times during the day can really make a difference in how your AC and heating unit operates over time. When you’re not at home, you can increase the temperature in the summer and lower it in the winter to reduce the unit’s usage, but have the thermostat adjust the temperature to your comfort level before you return home.

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Schedule Regular Professional Maintenance

One of the best tips for maintaining your HVAC system is to schedule an annual maintenance and inspection appointment with a professional. This will ensure your unit continues to operate as efficiently as possible and an expert will be able to detect any small problems before they become large problems. Having an annual tuneup will give you peace of mind that your AC and heating unit won’t suddenly stop working in the middle of the hottest or coldest months.


Keeping your HVAC unit properly maintained will extend its lifespan and keep it operating as efficiently as it did the day it was installed. This is one household chore you don’t want to neglect because your comfort depends on it!

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