Warning Signs To Look Out For When Your AC Needs Replacing 

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What else is getting you through the Australian heat other than your beloved air conditioner? An invention that is so needed in every household these days. It has become a silent family member and most times you probably forget that it is even there. The real question here is how do we know when your air conditioner requires being replaced and what should we look out for. 

Here are common signs that you need to repair your air conditioner.

Change the air filter regularly 

An air conditioning system emits either warm or cold air into a space to regulate the temperature of that space. It is essentially a light wind flowing through your space. There are obviously dust particles, dirt and other very small particles flying through the air which most often can get stuck in your air conditioning system.

An AC’s air filter allows the system to stop these tiny particles to end up blowing around your room. Changing the air filter of your air conditioner regularly is an important step in maintaining your AC. 

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You should be changing the air filter at least once every month to ensure that it does not get clogged, blocked, damaged or broken due to an excessive amount of dust or dirt trapped inside of it. 

Doing this also helps the air conditioner itself to work more efficiently. 

Clean the coils 

Coils in your air conditioner help the refrigerant, absorb heat and cool down a space. It is a very important part of the AC. These coils can collect dust and dirt and may end up becoming damaged, faulty or broken. 

Cleaning the coils regularly is a great way to ensure that it is working correctly as well as add to the overall quality of life of your air conditioning system. 

To clean the coils inspect the excessive build-up of dirt and dust is as this where you are going to clean. Remove the unwanted build-up with a coil brush. Then straighten the coils with a fin comb. 

Finally, you are going to wet the coils with a coil cleaner and then wash away the excess dirt. Leave to dry or pat to dry. 

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Inspect the fins

On the inside of your air conditioner, you will have a condenser and an evaporator. Each of them has fins. These fins may be prone to bending. 

Checking the inside of your air conditioner regularly to see if the fins have bent is a must. As they may cause insufficiency in the air flow of your AC. 

If they are bent you can replace them yourself but if you feel as though it is something that you are unable to do. It is best to contact a specialist in repairing air conditioners to replace it for you. 

Sun City Air Conditioning are experts in air conditioning and can help you anytime you need assistance. 

Check the condensate drain 

The condensate drain allows your air conditioner to get rid of the condensation accumulated outside of the home. If the drain is not checked on regularly it could lead to unwanted leaks as well as clog up of condensation within the air conditioning system. 

To avoid this very unwanted issue you can check on the drain on the inside of your air conditioner to make sure that it is not clogged. Alternatively, you could contact a specialist AC repair person to do this for you. 

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Make an appointment with an air conditioning system expert 

You may want to be extra sure that your air conditioning is in excellent shape even after you have done all of the checks mentioned above. You may want to call in an expert. Someone who is able to do all these maintenance checks and more. 

It is recommended that you call an expert in regularly anyway to make sure that your air conditioners are in the best condition. They will be able to tell you exactly what is wrong, what is clogged and what needs to be fixed. 

They may even let you in on what the next best air conditioner is, in case you are looking to upgrade your systems. 

If you are in Brisbane and looking to have your AC inspected, contact Sun City Air Conditioning here. 


Having an air conditioner in your home is a luxury. So it is important to keep them well maintained so that they can be working for a very long time. 

AC Needs Replacing

Do the necessary checks regularly to ensure this. 

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