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For the last 40 years, Multilighting has been illuminating Canadian homes with the trendiest products, focusing on the three most important things that a business can offer to their customers: innovation, respect, and passion.

Multilighting was established in eastern Canada in 1978 by André Patry, who initially created two branches: one in Shawinigan and one in Victoriaville.

Since then, Multilighting has been growing steadily: as of now, they have 6 franchise families with 7 stores and 4 corporate stores, with almost 200 employees nationwide.

But the company does not simply sell via physical stores: they also have an exhaustive website that offers high-quality, tracked product delivery across Canada since 2011. Here, you will find all sorts of products, as well as several blog posts for you to visit and more than 500 pictures to inspire you.

What makes Multilighting stand out from its competitors are:

  • Quality
    Their products not only have to meet very high-quality standards, but they also have to be as new and innovative as possible.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is one of Multilighting’s major concerns, as the company is heavily projected into the future: this is why most products that you will find on their website are currently among the trendiest around.
  • Passionate about lighting
  • Genuinely Canadian
    Multilighting was among the first lighting stores to ever exist in Canada. All their 11 branches, as well as the Multi Luminaire Group that oversees them, are entirely owned by Canadian families, and they consider themselves proud to be a people-centered family brand.
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Products and offers

On their website, you will find a wide collection of lights, for all kinds of different purposes. For example, their collection of ceiling lights includes more than 10k items, ranging from trendy chandeliers to elegant pendants, passing from modern flush mounts to even track lightings.

In particular, ceiling lights for the entrance of the house are very important, because they are the first thing that guests tend to notice when they come visit.

If you have a pathway, then they are even more useful, and if you have enough space, it is even possible to add pendants, which will add style and elegance to your rooms.

Each room has its own needs, and might prefer one style of lighting rather than some other. In the living room, for example, the best lighting comes in the form of ceiling lights, reflectors, and potentially pendants. It is even possible to install a ceiling fan, equipped with an additional set of lights.

As for the bedroom, instead, the best choice is probably a chandelier or a flush mount.

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Or, if you want something simpler, you cannot go wrong with single pendants: they are going to add a nice touch of originality to your bedside table.

For what regards the kitchen, flush mount ceiling lights and track lights are probably the best choice, as they provide adequate lighting to each part of the kitchen. If you have cooking desks and/or islands, then you might prefer pendants and single pendants, to better illuminate hob and stoves.

But the products they offer certainly do not end here: floor lighting, wall lights, outdoor lighting, decoration & accessories, and even light bulbs.

Floor lamps, for example, can be used on bedside tables, on a desk, or even on a shelf. Wall lights, on the other hand, will highlight your space; they are mostly used in bathrooms and hallways, but can also be installed in the bedroom.


Multilighting also offers a huge variety of services, to enhance your purchasing experience.

One of the most popular services is, in fact, the blog. It is a section of their website where you will be able to find (almost!) everything that you might need to know. Are you looking for design ideas? Are you searching for the perfect style to adopt in your living room? Are you simply planning renovations or redecorating a room? In the blog you will probably find an article about this. The available sections are: Styles, Trends, Decoration, Useful tips, Renovation, and Furniture & Accessories.

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If you do not manage to find what you are looking for in the blog, you can try to type the hashtag #multiambience on social medias, and you will find lots of images from other people that could inspire you.

Values and commitments

As a company and as individuals, Multilighting’s employees are committed to make choices that protect natural resources and the environment: this is why they chose not to print their promotional catalog but instead to make it available only in digital format. For the same reason, in the past 10 years they have been conducting lighting retrofits to reduce energy consumption; they also use LED light bulbs in the majority of their products.

As for packaging, all the cardboard packaging from every light fixture in display in all of their stores is re-used or recycled.

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