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At EcoChoice Windows and Doors, we take pride in serving our community with premium quality doors and windows that meet their design requirements and energy efficiency goals. Our team keeps working on the informational content for our target audience as we want to educate them on the right choices for home improvement.

Our customers generally find it confusing to choose the right material for home doors. As EcoChoice Windows and Doors offer a wide range of door types so we understand your confusion. Today, we are going to explore the most suitable material options for the Canadian market. With the right insights and information, you will be able to make the right decision. If you still need assistance with the selection of the right material for home doors, our responsive customer support is always available for your help.

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Material Options for Home Doors

Apart from the security and safety, home doors need to add aesthetic value to your home. The door is the first thing anyone is going to notice while entering your home. Strong and secure doors don’t seem to justify if they are not premium-looking with a decent design.

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Our doors are known for the unique and practical design with improved safety and security. There are several styles and options available in the door category for homes and every design is meant to make your home even more beautiful. Here are some materials used in home doors.


Wood is a popular material for exterior doors due to many reasons. The best thing about the wood is the customizability because wooden doors can be made of any size, shape, and style. Exterior doors need to be aesthetically good so wooden doors can be decorated with different lights, glass pieces, and other decorative items.

Due to continuous exposure of air and water to wooden doors, the seals may start to break after a few years. The air-sealing capabilities of wooden doors are not very impressive so you need to be careful with the installation of these doors in open.

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For additional style and durability, fiberglass doors prove to be the best option. These doors offer the same feel as wooden doors but with better resistance against weather impact. The availability of fiberglass doors in different colors makes it an attractive choice for people who prefer color schemes over anything. This material also stands better against normal dents so these doors are simply more durable.

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The downside of the fiberglass doors is the higher cost. The improved durability and style come at a price and fiberglass doors are slightly more expensive than wood doors. As fiberglass is thermal efficient so this slightly increased cost should not bother you.


For the front doors, steel is the safest material option. For style, the insulated foam is covered by steel panels on both sides so the steel doors are somehow energy efficient too. These doors are more vulnerable to dents so you need to be careful about that. The doors are hard to repair and dent can take away the premium feel of the door. The cost is not that high so a little care can offer you style and safety.

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Solid glass is the most popular material for home doors and office doors. These doors are more suitable for rooms where you can enjoy the view across the glass door. If you don’t use any types of tints, these glass doors also allow the light in the room. One thing must be remembered that glass doors don’t offer the desired security and privacy so be sure about the installation in the right places.

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If privacy and safety are not your biggest concerns, you can go for the glass doors. These glass doors can be combined with any other metal or wooden doors.

What is the Suitable Door Material for you?

At Eco Choice Windows and Doors, we understand the needs and requirements of our customers. Our energy-efficient doors and windows are meant to offer security, design, and energy-saving at the same time. The thermal efficient materials make our installation durable and energy-efficient in harsh weather conditions too. If you are not sure what the suitable material for your home doors is, let us help you with the selection process.

Our experienced designers know how to make your home look more decent and attractive with the right home improvement installations. If you have some unique design in mind, discuss it with us so we can turn it into reality at Eco Choice Windows and Doors.

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