20 Spectacular Staircase Designs

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If you have just seen your dream come true and that is to have your own house, then everything that is left is to complete your home with a staircase. Maybe it’s not as easy as you imagined it would be because is hard to decide on the material, on its shape and design. Whether you want something simple, classic, modern or non-conformist, you should know that the market offers a wide range of stairs to suit your requirements.

In this regard, we have compiled a list of the most spectacular stairs that take out of the ordinary any house.

1. Understairs

This type of staircase matches perfectly a relatively small house that needs extra storage space, being extremely useful to store almost everything you want. It owns enough room for things that don’t fit anymore in the dressing room. Besides its functionality, the stair features a simple, classic and elegant design. This piece was created by Deriba Furniture.


2. Sensualscaping Stairs

Such a decorative element totally changes the aspect of the interior design. The visual impact is incredible and makes the space seem elegant and sophisticated. The delicate lines of the staircase seem to undulate like the waves of a calm sea. The delicate combination between wood and flawless white makes the staircase perfectly combine with the design of the house. Designed by Atmos Studio.

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Sensualscaping Stairs Sensualscaping Stairs Sensualscaping Stairs

3. Genuine Stairs

Do you think that you can easily step on these stairs? Maybe after you get used to them, it will not seem so hard, but the first experience will certainly be a challenge. However, this staircase is truly original. Designed by TAF arkitektkontor.

Genuine Stairs Genuine Stairs

4. Flat F.M

This type of staircase is destined for the brave ones, who do not need a railing to climb upstairs, who are not afraid of heights and who consider the steps as being everything they need to get to the next floor. Otherwise, you may need to climb those stairs for some long several minutes. Designed by ecole.

Flat F.M Flat F.M

5. Tree Stairs

If you love nature, you’ll certainly love this staircase that seems to be detached from the branches of a tree waving in the wind. The spectacular design of the railings offers the space an elegant touch. Designed by Architetture del Ferro.

Tree Stairs

6. Spiral Staircase Slide

If you have children or if you feel like a child, then the best method of maintaining the feeling is to descend in the living room on a slide. It’s really fun and can help you leave aside the boredom.

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Spiral Staircase Slide

7.  Rainbow Stairs

This staircase is a genuine burst of color and a true adventure that totally changes the aspect of your house. All your guests will be surprised by the originality and the beauty of this special decorative element. Designed by Ab Rogers.

Rainbow Stairs

8. Emmental Stairs

Whether you’re a fan of cheese, or not, you can get creative and transpose this motif on your own staircase. It is modern and blends perfectly with the geometrized interior of your home. Designed by Biljana Jovanović.

Emmental Stairs Emmental Stairs

9. Blood Vessel Stairs

This staircase may seem weird but is indeed a splash of color appropriate for your own space. If you are into genuine things, this staircase designed by DMVA Architecten is the right choice. Choose a staircase to love!

Blood Vessel Stairs Blood Vessel Stairs

10. Steel Stair Mesh at Villa la Roche

Choose an unconventional staircase to be a part of the non-conformist and modern design of your house. Give a touch of elegance to your home. Designed by archiplein.

Steel Stair Mesh at Villa la Roche

11. Barbie Shanghai Store

Such a staircase is the dream of every little girl. Hundreds of dolls are incorporated into the glazed railings. This wonder was designed by Slade Architecture.

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Barbie Shanghai Store Barbie Shanghai Store

12. M lofts

nC2architecture has created a staircase that seems craggy if we were to judge by the picture. Maybe it’s easier than we’d think to step on those stairs, but the fact is that it can function as storage space as well.

M lofts

13. New York University Stairs

If you look down you might get dizzy but as long as you concentrate on the spectacular design of this decorative and functional element you will be able to discover the true beauty of this staircase, which was designed to perfect the concept of decorative art by Steven Holl Architects.

New York University Stairs

14. Bookcase Staircase

Maybe you haven’t though before on turning your stairs into book shelves. Well, this thing is possible and was put into practice by ingenious designers. What do you think? Designed by Levitate Architects.

Bookcase Staircase Bookcase Staircase

15. Ribbon Staircase

This staircase seems like it can be packed and put in a box at any moment. It appears to be very fluid and it terms of color it fits perfectly in any decor since its colored in black and white. Designed by HSH Architects.

Ribbon Staircase Ribbon Staircase

16. Unique Staircase in Northampton

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If you really want to impress your guests, then you must install a staircase like this one that makes everybody speechless due to its special design that is in fact a work of art. Designed by Philip Watts.

Unique Staircase in NorthamptonUnique Staircase in Northampton

17. Extreme Staircase

If you’re an adrenaline enthusiast, a good way of enjoying daily experiences of such kind is to install a staircase from one room to another outside the building at the highest level of the house. This spectacular staircase was designed by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann.

Extreme Staircase Extreme Staircase

18. Staircase with Timber Stripes

Seeing this colored staircase, makes us think of a lollypop. Its irregular shape can be misleading but you can be sure about its functionality and safety because its design is only for visual impact. Designed by Tetrarc.

Staircase with Timber Stripes Staircase with Timber Stripes

19. Spiral Staircase

Another special model that owns a unique elegance is this wooden staircase, which when it is watched from the top it seems like a flower with open petals. Designed by Patrick Jouin.

Spiral Staircase

20. Godzilla Staircase

This type of staircase seems to be endless, giving the space an airy feeling and a special touch of elegance, contributing to the impeccable appearance of the interior design. Designed by Chae-Pereira Architects.

Godzilla Staircase Godzilla Staircase

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