How to Choose the Perfect Curtains and Drapes

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If you’re one of those persons who give great attention to the design of the house and now you’re looking for the perfect curtains, you’ve been guided to the right place because we’ve prepared some useful tips for shopping.

The curtains can radically change the aspect of a room. If you know how to choose your curtains, these can transform a simple room into something extraordinary. They contribute to the creation of a nice ambiance, based on the color you choose and on the fabric you use. Colored curtains create a spacious aspect while the dark ones transform a room into a comfortable and welcoming place. It’s just an important element in your house and you must know the right way to select the best curtains and drapes for every room, and you must also take into account two things: the light coming through the windows and the size of the windows.

This defining accessory has many important roles: they provide intimacy and a sense of comfort, filter the excessive light and rays of sun and have an esthetical role.

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The orientation of the rooms, their use and the colors are also important when picking the curtains and the drapes. A south oriented room in direct sunlight all day long, needs big curtains made out from a heavy fabric in a cold color (green, grey, blue). Depending on the thickness of the curtain and of your own preferences, the fairest thing to do would be opting for drapes or blinds. You can choose the drapes or the blinds from the same color range or go for a different color that nicely contrasts the curtains of a neutral and discreet tone. The drapes are very useful in sunlit rooms because, in time, the sunrays deteriorate and discolor the carpets, the floors and the furniture.

The east, north or west oriented rooms need diaphanous curtains, which let the light flood the interior of your house. Choose warm colors like: yellow, orange, brown. These colors will enliven the light, creating a nice atmosphere.

You must avoid the unaesthetic decorations or combinations like: dots with flowers or stripes with flowers. If certain elements from your room like the wallpaper or the bedspread have flowers, a curtain with dots will definitely ruin the whole picture. As well, the curtains must be chosen depending on the drapes or vice versa. The drapes must be darker than the curtains.

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We recommend installing the curtain gallery as high as possible so the ceiling and the windows can look much taller. In the bedroom or in the living room, the curtains must touch the floor, while in the kitchen must only cover the window.

To look good, the curtains must have folds, this is why we must make sure that we have more material than the size of the windows.

Think about the type of curtains that best suit your style. Don’t necessarily follow the trends! Light colored curtains, especially the white ones will never go out of style. And if they do not thank you because they allow excessive light to penetrate the indoors, search for the double ones because it’s a more suitable option than the dark ones.

When you’ll finally manage to choose a store or a type of curtains you must do the measurements. It’s best if a specialist makes them, just in case.

Depending on the sophistication of the fabric, the price will go from low to high.  It’s best if you first decide a budget for your curtains and drapes in order for you to know which your limits are.

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