What Features Make the Perfect Kitchen?

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When it comes to design, there is, arguably, no such thing as perfection though there are marked trends that come and go; one of the most popular in current times, for instance, is that of the open concept kitchen. The Atlantic has warned, however, that ‘semi-open’ is the new ‘open’, with architectural elements like archways now being used to define ‘zones’ without opening or closing spaces up entirely.

Styles, then, change, but if you’re looking to make a lasting investment, there are some timeless features that you may consider including in your newly renovated kitchen.

Even Flooring

There are few things that wrest from the beauty of a kitchen than uneven flooring, chipped tiling, and/or poor transitioning between flooring in the kitchen and surrounding spaces. As stated by tiling experts Atlas Ceramics, if you have a slanted floor you wish to tile or cover in wood, then you will have to include necessary steps in your cost and time budgeting.

These include checking where uneven areas lie, removing waste and debris from the subfloor, applying a levelling compound in a manner that ‘covers’ lower areas more profoundly, and planning tile or wood placement. You may need more extensive work to ensure that the kitchen flooring is at the same level as other spaces connected to the kitchen in an open-style plan.

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Excellent Lighting

In order for the family cook to feel confident, and for other family members feel like joining them in preparing or enjoying food around the central island, excellent lighting is key. There are many ways to achieve this – including knocking down spare walls to allow the natural flow of light to enter the kitchen, and converting walls into large-scale windows. For night lighting, elegant recessed lighting and LED strips or bulbs will add a designer touch. One big advantage of LED lighting is that it can be used to dim or brighten interiors, therefore allowing you to enjoy and cost savings on your electricity bills.

Stylish Countertops and Central Islands

If you must invest in one designer piece for your kitchen, let it be your countertops and central island. These need to be sturdy above all, but why not add a splash of visual appeal if you are renovating? Trends (including ultra-shiny effects, cabinetry colors, and colorful tiles look beautiful but if you want furniture that lasts, noble materials such as granite, marble, and quartz are the way to go. Quartz is one of the most expensive materials you could opt for (as it is an engineered stone product) but it is easy to maintain, comes in beautiful uniform slabs, and is stain, heat, and acid-resistant.

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Kitchen styles come and go, but quality, resistance, and simplicity are all qualities that stand the test of time. If you are thinking of investing in a kitchen, qualities such as flooring, lighting, and main features are all vital. If you feel like including seasonal trends in your design, this can be achieved through lighting details and décor pieces that can easily be changed alongside the seasons.

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