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Bathrooms have evolved in leaps and bounds from a purely functional space, to a room fitted out with features and designs that make you want to spend hours in there. Some of the biggest advances, even technologically, can be seen in the bathroom mirror. With a huge range of premium bathroom mirrors available, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

At Luxe Mirrors, we’ve put together a list of some of the most popular premium bathroom mirror styles and ranges we have available to make your task of finding the right mirror for you just a little bit easier. Built to last, with moisture and corrosion resistant materials, our premium mirror range can suit your functional and aesthetic needs.

Rear Soft Glow Premium Bathroom Mirror Range

For the bathroom that is low on natural light, a rear soft glow mirror may be the perfect option. There has been a lot of technological advancements when it comes to the mirror realm, particularly for the bathroom, and one of these advances is the addition of lighting to the mirror. Our Rear Soft Glow mirror range is fitted with low energy LED lights on the back of the mirror, that create a glow around it, serving both a practical and aesthetic enhancing purpose.

Making the mirror the true star of the show, the aura created by lighting allows for more light to be added to this space or can act as the light source of the bathroom. These mirrors also have the additional feature of demister pads, which stop the mirrors from fogging up when hot water is in use. While these mirrors might cost a little more initially, they can be truly cost cutting when it comes to your electricity bills. With several options in this range available, you’re sure to find the right one for you

1. Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Round Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 90cm Diameter & 60cm Diameter)

The glow created from the lighting in this round mirror is a truly eye-catching halo effect. With a calming feel, the mirror easily becomes the focal point of any bathroom it inhabits. With the ability to soften sharp features, or accentuate the curves of a bathroom, this mirror will never be out of place. With the option of warm and cool lighting, the mirror also serves an extremely practical purpose, creating strong lighting in even the darkest of bathrooms.

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2. Rear Soft Glow LED Backlit Rectangle Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 120cm Width x 80cm Height & 90cm W x 75cm H)

With its classic shape, and modern features, a rectangular backlit bathroom mirror is the perfect addition to any bathroom. If you’re looking to add a touch of modernity and a futuristic vibe to your bathroom, but don’t want to stray too far from the traditional, this style of mirror is perfect for you. With a wide visual scope, and the ability to compliment and enhance most bathroom styles, this is truly a mirror that can blend in and stand out. You can choose to hang this one horizontally or vertically, making it versatile for most spaces.

3. Rear Soft Glow Curved Corner LED Backlit Mirror

(Available in one size – 120cm Width x 80cm Height)

For those who want the classic touch that a rectangle shape can bring, but with a hint of something different, a curved corner mirror is the way to go. With it’s expansive visual reach, this mirror can enhance natural lighting, brightening up your bathroom, while the glow from the backlight can illuminate it and provide a calming restful effect at night.

4. Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror

(Available in one size – 50cm Width x 100cm Height)

For the person who really wants to create a feature in the bathroom, without losing any of the practicality of a bathroom mirror, the Rear Soft Glow Oval LED Backlit Mirror is for you. With a clean-cut appearance, modern shaped design, and built in lighting, this mirror adds a polished, futuristic touch to any space. However, while the shape might shy away from the traditional, it’s not so unusual that it won’t suit many spaces, in fact, it’s a true compromise between a round and rectangular shaped mirror, all with the same functionality of any other mirror.

Milan Mirror Range

If you’re looking for a bathroom mirror that is going to compliment any colour or décor style in your home, the range of Milan Mirrors is a great place to start. There is a reason these are some of the most popular styles, because sometimes you can’t beat classic, especially when it is built to withstand the harsh conditions it can be put through in the bathroom. Made using copper free glass, and powder coated steel, the result is a clean-cut simple black framed, versatile option for your home. With multiple shapes and designs available, it is easy to find the right one for your home – let’s have a look at the range available:

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1. Milan Round Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 60cm Diameter & 90cm D)

A round mirror is a simple way to add a touch of softness to a bathroom while maintaining a modern feel. The Milan Round Mirror works well in modern spaces as the black matte finish of the frame is in keeping with the style, while the roundness of the actual shape softens sharp modern edges. Round mirrors also have a great ability to capture attention – being able to compliment the design while also adding an air of class to the space.

2. Milan Curved Corner Black Metal Frame Bathroom Mirror

(Available in two sizes – 50cm x 75cm & 150cm x 50cm)

A classic shape with the modern twist of curved edges, this mirror is a simple way to add an element that will both blend in and stand out. This rectangular shape has the practicality of offering a wide scope visually, while also adding intrigue with its curved edges. It’s a fun and subtle way to soften the appearance of a bathroom, and with a classic black simple frame, it will never go out of style.

3. Milan Rectangle Metal Black Frame Bathroom Mirror

(Available in one size – 75cm x 90cm)

This design is a true classic bathroom mirror. With its clean-cut, sharp corner design, the Milan Rectangle Mirror is a simple addition that is right at home in many bathrooms. Particularly complimentary for a more modern bathroom, this mirror can be placed on the wall either vertically or horizontally making it a versatile option for any space. And with the same classic black matte powder coat finish on the frame, this mirror will fit in and compliment most decors.

Round single door cabinet

(Available in one size – (Mirror) 60cm Diameter, (Cabinet) 40cm Width x 40cm Height)

The most important real estate in most homes is usually in the bathroom, with space, or lack thereof being the cause of a few arguments in almost any home. So, when you’re looking for something that helps solve this problem, this is where a Mirrored cabinet can step in and save the day. With concealed storage, this round single door mirrored cabinet provides a stylish yet incredibly functional option for bathrooms that are short on space. The beauty of this mirror is that not only does it save space, but it’s minimalistic design will allow it to blend into any existing bathroom décor. Stylish enough to be a focal point, it is also subtle enough to fit in with any home aesthetic.

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With an authentic and premium Australian Mirror, this conceals the storage cabinet, which is made from crafted from Laminated moisture resistant particle board – meaning that it can hold up in the varying climates of your bathroom. The cabinet also features an adjustable shelf inside, where you can choose the height and position, for some flexibility – while the outside of the cabinet is finished in a gloss white laminate. When functionality and form are key, this mirrored cabinet is the way to go!


Madrid Bathroom Mirror Range

(Available in one size – 50cm x 75cm)

(Available in two sizes – 60cm x 25mm Depth & 80cm x 25mm D)

The Madrid Mirror range is where contemporary and classic collide. With a simplistic yet somewhat bold appeal, the Madrid mirrors are made using the highest quality materials that ensure longevity. The mirror is made from copper free glass that is resistant to corrosion and moisture, making it perfect for the bathroom. Accented by a matte black finished powder coated steel frame, these mirrors can add the finishing touch to any bathroom.

Available in both a round or curved edge rectangle shape, the mirror can act as the focal point for the bathroom or can simply complement existing darker features and tapware. With their curved shape, these mirrors can even be used to soften the sharpness of modern bathroom designs, while also complementing the modern appearance of the bathroom with its simple design. The true appeal of the Madrid range is that it is a style that will never be out of fashion.

Signature bathroom mirror range

A truly simplistic and stylish option, the signature bathroom mirror range is one that offers the finishing touch your bathroom is looking for. Only 6mm in depth, these mirrors are a way to compliment any style, without overwhelming or dominating the aesthetic of your space. Comprised of copper free glass and Veridian silver, these mirrors will stand the test of time in any bathroom space, as they are resistant to corrosion. While the designs may be simple, it doesn’t mean that they will be lost in your bathroom, rather they will blend well and accentuate your bathroom in a way where they will be noticed for their simple design. With several designs available, there is an option for all.

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1.Signature Tyler Polished Edge Round Bathroom Mirror

(Available in the following sizes: 40cm (Diameter), 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 90cm)

While this mirror might look simplistic from afar, up close, the craftsmanship and care really shine. With a frameless polished edge, the mirror offers a clean-cut appeal that will leave a lasting impression. Round mirrors always attract attention, and this one from the Signature Tyler range is no different.

2. Signature Susan Polished Bevel Edge bathroom Mirror

(Available in the following sizes: 150cm Width x 75cm Height, 120cm W x 75cm H, 90cm W x 75cm H, 75cm W x 75cm H, 60cm W x 90cm H, 60cm W x 75cm H)

Nothing screams elegance more than a bevel edged mirror. Adding an elegant feel to any space, this style can be used vertically or horizontally depending on the space you have available. With the traditional rectangular shape, this mirror will suit any bathroom, offering a traditional, yet sophisticated touch to your bathroom space.

3 Signature Tyler Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror

(Available in multiple sizes: 150cm Width x 75cm Height, 120cm W x 75cm H, 90cm W x 75cm H, 60cm W x 60cm H, 60cm W x 75cm H & 75cm W x 75cm H)

A super minimalistic design, the Signature Tyler Polished Edge Bathroom Mirror is a truly classic style that would be at home in absolutely any bathroom. While the design may be simple, the way it can enhance any space by capturing natural light and complimenting any bathroom aesthetic is something that makes the mirror truly special.

With a huge range of Premium quality bathroom mirrors online, Luxe Mirrors knows a thing or two about finding the perfect mirror to suit you and your needs. Always happy to answer any questions, we offer more than bathroom mirrors, with mirrors suitable for any room, mirrored furniture, and many other decorative pieces available through our online retail store.

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