When Should You Clean Your Carpet?

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The importance of maintaining a clean home is common knowledge. However, there is one thing in your house that is hiding a whole host of pollutants, filth, and germs from you. A carpet in your favourite living room

Accordingly, if you:

  • Recently, I invested in a brand-new carpet and am now wondering if I should have it professionally cleaned.
  • What I really want to know is if you are keeping up with the routine maintenance of the carpets in your house.

You have arrived at the correct location.

We will go through how often you should clean your carpets based on how often they are used and the advantages of doing so.

When is the best time to clean the carpets?

Carpets should be vacuumed once a week and professionally cleaned once a year, according to the cardinal rule of carpet care. In high-traffic areas or in homes with kids, pets, or smokers, you should vacuum the carpet at least three times a week and have professional deep cleaning every three to six months. If you have spilled something on your carpeting that might leave a stain, such as red wine, you should clean it right away.

However, that isn’t true for every family on Earth. Let’s examine the aforementioned aspects in greater depth, as well as some others, to obtain a better idea of the cleaning frequency:

  • Do you have any young ones living there?
  • How about pets? Do you have any?
  • Is there anyone in the house who has asthma or allergies?
  • Could you tell me if there were any smokes on the premises?
  • How often does the carpet get walked on?
  • What about shoes? Do you wear them around the house?
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Here’s a handy chart that breaks down the frequency with which certain surfaces should be cleaned:

Road Dust, Star Vacuuming, On-the-Spot Cleaning, and Comprehensive Cleaning

  • Keep the light dirt sections clean weekly, daily, or whenever spots form, and the high foot activity areas every 12-18 months.
  • Medium-Terrain Soil: Once or twice weekly, daily, or as soon as spots show; High-Terrain Soil: Once or twice yearly, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • For homes with plenty of dirt and grime (pet owners, smokers), this means every day or as soon as any stains or scuffs develop, and every three to six months for high foot traffic areas.
  • Daily or as soon as spots are spotted in extreme situations (big families, lots of dogs), and every two to three months in high-traffic regions.

Aspects that affect how often you clean

When deciding how often to clean your carpets, you should think about the following factors:


There’s something magical about carpets for kids. Parents, raise your hands if your kid has ever messed up your rug by dropping a glass of juice or tracking mud in from the backyard.

If you are a parent, you should consider having the high-traffic areas of your carpets professionally cleaned every six to twelve months. It is also recommended that you get your entire carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

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While pets are great, they don’t always look out for your carpet’s best interests. If you have pets, you understand what we’re talking about when we mention things like muddy paw prints, hair, urine, etc.

If you have pets that like to roam the home, you should clean the high-traffic areas of your rugs every three to six months and have a professional carpet cleaner come in and wash them twice a year.

Toys and animals

Carpets get exceedingly dirty when there are both kids and dogs in the carpet. Rugs should be professionally cleaned more frequently, at least once every two or three months.

Warranty-backed carpeting

If you’ve just bought a new carpet, chances are it came with some sort of guarantee.

When it comes to caring for your rug, make sure to read the guarantee first. Examine your warranty before scheduling professional cleaning or attempting to clean the carpet on your own; most guarantees require annual professional cleaning.

I don’t think my carpet is soiled. If that’s the case, how do I proceed?

Though it may seem clean at first glance, it is likely stained deep inside the fabric’s fibres.

The dirt will show up eventually; it will just take a little longer. Keep in mind that the more severely your rug has been stained, the less likely it is to regain its original, lovely colour and texture.

Gains from hiring a cleaning service

Harmful particles have been neutralised

Like we discussed before, your carpet could seem clean on the surface, but it could be hiding harmful substances deep inside its fibres. We’re not just talking about human and animal dander, but also pieces of food, dirt, and dust. As time passes, your rug may start to look worn and have a foul odour due to all of the above. Those same particles may also transmit germs and bacteria throughout your home, which can cause to health problems, if that isn’t enough to convince you. In order to lessen the danger, your family should stick to a cleaning schedule that works with your routine.

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Your carpet will last much longer

You know, ugly things like dirt and filth start to settle into the carpet fibres over time. This accumulation is bad for your rug and your lungs. Dust and carpet may wear down carpet fibres over time, which leads to, you guessed it, damaged carpet if proper maintenance is not taken. Cleaning your rug professionally once a year will keep this from happening.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the carpets will also have a pleasant aroma

In order to get the best possible results when cleaning your carpets, you need devote a lot of time to doing so. Keep their excellent appearance for as long as possible by vacuuming them often. Who doesn’t enjoy stepping on a clean, bright, and fluffy carpet?

Read our post comparing professional carpet cleaning versus do-it-yourself cleaning if you’re having trouble deciding. Learn how to make the best decision for your valuable rug with this guide.

EcoCleanSolutions provides top-notch carpet cleaning services

As you can see, keeping up with routine carpet cleaning is a crucial part of keeping your home in good condition. Particularly if you’re a parent or suffer from allergies.

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EcoCleanSolutions provides effective carpet cleaning services to ensure a healthy and clean home. We provide both a hot water extraction service and a dry cleaning option, so you can pick the one that’s best for your rug’s material. HWE will not only get your carpet back to its original condition, but it will also eliminate any bacteria that may have become lodged in the fibres.

However, if your item is composed of a more delicate fabric, our dry cleaning services are the way to go. Professional carpet cleaners who are certified, insured, and trained to use only environmentally safe cleaning solutions perform both treatments.


  • In order to keep your property in good condition, routine carpet cleaning is essential.
  • Knowing the carpet’s composition is essential for selecting the best cleaning method.
  • Professional carpet cleaners can come to your home or business and consult with you there to determine the type of rug you have and then recommend a treatment and cleaning schedule based on their findings.

There should be no unanswered questions after reading this essay. Tell us in the comments how often you clean your carpet.

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