Top Signs of Clogged Rain Gutter

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Clogged gutters may sound like a small issue in any home. Now, did you know it can have a great impact on not taken care? Clogged gutters can destroy your home since water won’t divert as directed in your house. Damages may occur right from the foundation to the basement and even to the rooms in your home. You will have expensive structural issues to sort out. Avoiding such expenses is quite easy. How? You will have to check frequently if there is gutter clogging.

Here are signs that may hint out clogging of your gutter.

Presence of birds and pests on your rooftop

This is one of the simplest ways to notice that your gutters have a clog. You will see birds patching around your gutters. There is a high chance that the birds have made a nest at the gutter. Birds can make a home at your gutter as well as other animals such as mice, squirrels, and worst-case snakes.

The presence of such intruders can divert the flow of water away from your home. We, therefore, recommend that you check well for the presence of any pests clogging your gutter. If you find birds making homes on your gutters, you can opt to install a gutter guard. There are various helpful tips on gutter guards that can save your home. One tip involves cleaning the gutter before installing the guard.

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Water spilling at the side of the gutter

Water spilling at the sides of the gutter is one of the signs that the gutter has clogged. The spillage may seem like a waterfall and can get noticed when it is raining. The spillover is often caused by clogging since the passage of water is impossible. The spilling of water has its repercussions, such as flooding of the basements and mold formations.

Stains at the sides of the home

If you notice any signs of staining at the sides of your house, there may be stagnant water at the gutter system because of clogging. Clogged rainwater can damage the fascia boards and the shingles behind the gutters where you can notice stains.

Sagging Gutters

Clogged gutters get overwhelmed by the weight of the debris, leaves, and other dirt. As a result, they bend in the middle and sag. Also, the gutter will fail to carry water away from your home because balance won’t get achieved. Water will end up spilling by the sides. The excess weight caused by clogging may pull off the gutter hence damaging your home further.

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Plants growing on your gutters

If you notice a garden formation on your gutter with plants growing, then clogging has already occurred. When seeds accumulate with dirt and other debris, they may easily grow. Plants such as ferns may reproduce on your gutter when clogging has occurred. If you have foam gutter guards, ensure you often confirm if there is growth because they encourage plants’ growth.

A long time has passed since last gutter cleaning

If you can’t remember how long it is since the gutters got cleaned, then there is a high probability that the gutters are clogged with dirt. This means that they have to undergo cleaning instantly to remove any clogging that may damage your system. We recommend cleaning after every season to avoid any future damages.


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