How to Declutter and Keep Your Treasures at the Same Time

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Luke Martin
Luke Martin
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If you want a beautiful home, it simply cannot be cluttered. Yet, contrary to some people’s thinking, that doesn’t mean you have to live a minimalist lifestyle. You need to think out what is on display and when, but you don’t have to get rid of the things you love or the things of value.

No matter how expensive the home or the items in it, clutter makes you feel suffocated or trapped in your living space. If you want to declutter without giving up everything you love, then we have some tips to get you started.

Develop a Plan

Instead of thinking of it as decluttering, think of it as finding the treasures in your home. You don’t want to get depressed or overwhelmed to the point of procrastination or anxiety. Instead, you can create a plan that will let you know what to do, where to start and how you will improve the spaciousness of your home.

If you work on your home one room at a time, then you won’t have to worry about the rest of the house until you finish that room. This way, if you use the room-by-room approach, you can tackle each problem one part at a time until you discover the potential in every room.

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If you have the money, you can hire a decorator who can help you slim down which of your treasures are on display. Or they may simply organize them to where things don’t look cluttered anymore.

What Do You Need Now?

After you create a plan, you should look through the room and determine what you need to keep. This includes what you need now, what you don’t need and what you will need later. For example, you need your bed because you use it every night, but you may not need the snowboard in your house during the spring or summer months.

Since you spent your hard earned money on some items and inherited others, you shouldn’t feel you have to throw things out. It doesn’t take very long to pack up the extras and tuck it away for later. In fact, if you do it right, you will be able to rotate your decorative treasures in your home, keeping the style fresh and new.

Get a Storage Unit

Most people won’t have room in their garage, house or anywhere else to store the belongings that they don’t need at that time. A storage unit rental is an inexpensive answer to the problem.

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After you identify everything that you don’t need right now, you can gather those items up and place them all in your storage unit. If you mark the boxes and keep an itemized list, you will always know where your treasures are.

Many people use their storage units to make seasonal changes to their decor and to keep party supplies close at hand. This is not only smart, but it’s also fun. You can redo your house as it pleases you without spending money on new items. Your guests will notice that your house is never the same. Yet it is always tidy and always well decorated.

Add onto your Home

If you really want all of those treasures in view, you may want to consider adding onto your home. This is a much more expensive option than a storage rental, but if it’s within your budget, you may be happiest with the extra space.

When discussing things with a contractor, you could ask for built-in cabinets with glass fronts. This would allow everything to be in view, cut down on dusting, and improve the feeling of organization. You want to make sure the contractor doesn’t create new problems. One big area that contractors often ignore is your yard. All they need to do is use composite construction mats to protect the topsoil from being churned up by their machines or trucks.

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Reducing what’s on display will take time and effort on your part, but you will be able to start the process if you use these tips. This way, you will come up with a plan, identify what you will remove and have a place to store everything.

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