5 Fancy Houses That Will Make You Drool And Want to Declutter Your Own Home

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Clutter might seem only like a problem when it’s gotten out of hand. Most people have busy schedules, and taking out time regularly to organize every room, corner or drawer is not possible. The result? Your house gets filled with all kinds of things that you do not use, or need. Renting cheap storage units and putting everything in them is not the only solution.

When a cluttered house starts to make you feel anxious, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed, it’s high time you start taking control of the situation and start decluttering.

A proper decluttering of your house will be beneficial in more ways than you can imagine. A clean and organized living space is scientifically proven to have positive effects on your mental health. Once you are done with decluttering you will feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, which again is great for uplifting your spirits.

Once you have decluttered and organized every room and corner, your house will feel lighter. Some people tend to look for a storage facility near their residence and put away all the bulky furniture in it.

A minimalistic lifestyle is all the rage nowadays, people have accepted that living with minimal carbon print and fewer possessions is not only beneficial today but for our future generations as well.

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Want to declutter your house but don’t know where to start? Follow our tips below and transform your house.

Allocate Decluttering Time

If you haven’t organized or deep-cleaned your house in a long time, chances are it needs a lot of work. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the chaos and start slow. Take one drawer, one corner, or one room at a time. You can gain momentum once you get a hang of it and adjust it to a routine.

You can take out half an hour daily from your schedule, allocate yourself the time that you are comfortable with, and slowly take it up. If you are working or have other interests, we suggest do not focus on decluttering solely as it will cause a hindrance to your other tasks.

 Nominate 5 Critical Areas to Declutter

If you are on a decluttering mission alone with no friends or family to lend a hand, we suggest going in really slow. You do not want to start heavy and then crash and burn, reserve your energies so that you can perform your best.

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Decluttering an entire house in one go doesn’t sound doable. You can start with identifying ‘clutter hot spots in your house. Perhaps your linen closet needs some TLC? Or your wardrobe is in shambles and needs urgent attention? Write down a list of 5 critical areas you have to declutter on an urgent basis and take it from there.

Make a List

Make a list of every task and the odd job you have to do, whether it is cleaning the shelves, taking out broken or damaged items, or trashing the expired eatables from the pantry. Once you have everything in writing, you will make special efforts to get it done.

Having a list of all the tasks will let you have a visual representation of decluttering, it will help you stay headfast. Try breaking out large tasks into smaller ones, instead of writing ‘organize pantry’ you can go for a couple of small steps such as ‘clear out the pantry’, ‘throw away expired products’, ‘alphabetically organize’ etc.

Store, keep, or Donate

Some people don’t realize it, but they develop hoarding tendencies, which contribute heavily to the accumulation of clutter. Follow the golden rule of organizing and decluttering, if you haven’t used anything in the last four months, chances are you no longer need it. 

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You can sort out everything and sort your stuff into three categories. One for keeping the stuff, one you can donate, and the last one that you might need in the future so it can go in a storage unit.

You will be able to declutter much more efficiently in this manner. Categorizing and sorting everything might take time, but it will be worth it in the end.

5 Fancy houses to inspire you

Need some motivation to organize your house? Check out our list of top five fancy houses that will make you drool.

Georgian Mansion, Old Queen Road

This masterpiece of architecture is a grade 2 listed mansion. The mansion has a total of five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a spacious terrace, and a rooftop view of St. James’s Park.

Tom Ford’s house on Gilston Road

Tom Ford’s house on Gilston Road

When a luxury designer sets up a home for himself, it is bound to be magnificent. Tom Ford’s house on Gilston Road is chic, minimalistic, and trendy. All rooms are in the monochrome theme of black and white, with black glossy walls, a white staircase, and mahogany woodwork, this house will make you drool.

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Strathearn Place


This Victorian townhouse cannot be missed when you pass by the famous Hyde Park. It is a three-story house, set up in a minimalistic color palette. The chic interior is done in white marble, oak wood floor, and concrete countertops. People who love classy things will surely fall in love with this beauty.

Duplex Penthouse

The Duplex Penthouse in Westminster has a breathtaking view of the riverfront from a 2,200 square foot terrace. This residence has a total of five large bedrooms, a big kitchen, a dining room, and a spectacular staircase. Designed by Ronson Capital Companions it has a price tag of US$32m.

South Bank Tower Penthouse

Another spectacular penthouse takes a place on our list of five best fancy houses. This penthouse is a part of a luxury residential institution and was designed by Dara Huang. A total of four such penthouses were constructed and only one remains on the market. You can take in the complete skyline of London from this location.

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