Kitchen styling ideas in 2024

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We often don’t keep renovation of the kitchen in our to-do list overlooking it most of the times. Even when we want to get a refreshing look at our kitchen on a tight budget, it is still possible. Many people believe that we are always required to knock down all the walls in an attempt to renovate the kitchen. However, this is not the case. All we need to do is choose the right type of accessories and items and we can perform a transformation. Below are some unique ideas to style your kitchen with the latest and trendy additions

Add sophistication with elegant seating

Seating in the kitchen is not a unique idea. We all have some kind of furniture in the kitchen according to space. Top designers in 2024 recommend adding banquette seating in the cookery. This not only enhances the space of the kitchen but also makes it look cosy. If you are interested in making it look more visually appealing, add some cushions and throw pillows on chairs. The best idea is to blend the combination of white banquette seating with shelves to enhance the overall look of the cookery

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elegant seating

Ramp it up with charming wood details

The use of wood in the house is an old tradition that never goes out of fashion. With time, different ways of adding wood are introduced. However, most of the designers still believe in adding elegance to the kitchen with wood. Wood which is usually rustic in colour gives a rustic effect to the kitchen. The beauty of the place enhances when its colour scheme is blended with various shades of wood. Accentuate the woodwork of the cookery with pendants hanging down the ceiling and get a charming appearance.

wood details

Accentuate wall display with elegant wall hangings

When it comes to styling the kitchen, most of us don’t give much consideration to wall hangings. Adding various types of wall art and frames to walls is a new trend of 2024. Additionally, these wall decors in the kitchen also exhibit your styling skills. You don’t need to be extra conscious in terms of decorating the walls. Just add anything that you love to showcase. Wall décor also includes connecting shelves with them. They not only serve the purpose of open cabinets but also showcase various accessories. Visit Kaboodle NZ and find out various kitchen accessories by clicking on

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Light it up with an oversized pendant

All of us need one statement article in our kitchen that draws the attention of everyone entering the kitchen. Choosing an oversized lighting piece and then hanging it in the centre can be the best way to make the galley more stylish and trendy in 2024.

Keep it simple

Modern kitchen with blue cabinets and marble countertops.
Modern kitchen with blue cabinets and marble countertops.

Transforming your kitchen from a traditional space to a contemporary does not require you to do so much. Keeping it simple and streamlined may also work if you do it right. Just use bold colours and blend them with other components used for decoration and get the desired look.

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