Vibrant And Luxurious Bachelor Pad In London, England

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This luxurious Bachelor Pad is located in London, England and was designed by a local studio named Daniel Hopwood. The apartment is inhabited by two brothers and impresses with vibrant, welcoming and comfortable interior spaces that encourage socialization and relaxation. The abode features a combination of colorful decorations and textures complemented by classic elements such as candleholders and high quality wooden furnishings.

The large flat-screen TVs and high-end appliances add a modern touch while ensuring entertainment and convenience. The kitchen, dining area and living room are part of the same open space that represents the heart of the apartment as well as its main social area.

From the architect:

For two brothers we created a self-contained apartment within a new basement dig out. It was a large challenging space which we broke down into two bedrooms and bathrooms, a large party room with kitchen and a closed off cinema room with terrace.

All joinery including the kitchen was created by us at a fraction of the cost of Wigmore Street and tailored specifically to our clients’ needs. The need to party! Consequently we created a dark and moody scheme with bright splashes of colour, using durable material nothing can break, even those highly polished lacquer surfaces which are, in fact, a special acrylic that can be re-polished. Character has been added by blending some family hand me downs and twentieth century vintage.

The brief was for the best and the best can be expensive but there is no doubt the apartment will keep on shining throughout the boys’ bachelorhood.

Photos by Matt Chung

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