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What are they, and who are they for?

So what are they, in simple terms they’re just serviced offices for rent. But these serviced offices are full of amazing facilities that can help businesses propel themselves forward in productivity for various reasons. But we’ll get stuck into that a little bit later, now let’s find out who these serviced offices Singapore are for.

Well you’ll actually find yourself amongst a wide variety of people upon entering a co-working office space. But mainly you’ll find small startup teams and companies trying to expand and improve. Sometimes you’ll see freelancers as well looking for a more productive environment without being stuck in their lonely flat. So now we’ve actually established who the offices are mainly for and what they are, let’s dig into the benefits. This way you can find out whether there for you or not

Less distractions

This obviously depends on a few different factors. But the main one is, do you have lots of distractions at home or in your usual place of work like the local Starbucks. If you work from home you may be lucky to have no distractions apart from the occasional social media notification. This isn’t the case for many people, having distractions from things at home can completely ruin your day. Meaning you get a 4 hour job done over the stretch of the whole day, due to the constant flow of distractions heading your way. This can be avoided easily and is by many in co-working spaces

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Inspirational people

At home who are you surrounded by? The cat? The fish in the fish tank? Or maybe the Simpsons playing on the TV in the background. Not the best environment for productivity right? But working in a co-working space can remove these bad and useless distractions, and replace them with inspirational people who can help push you down good paths. Meaning more wins for you and your business. Being surrounded by driven and successful people will help you become more of that yourself

Structure your day

Everyone that’s worked from home has experienced procrastination, and that’s for sure. At home like I’ve mentioned a few times already there are so many things and distractions. Needing to walk the dog, do the washing, go grocery shopping, buy some more coffee as you ran out or clean up after your messy teenage son. What I’m saying is most of these things just cannot be avoided and will often mess with the structure of your day. But if your office isn’t in your bedroom, you’ll more likely be a lot more productive. Meaning you’ll get a lot more dont in the long term

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Closing thoughts

So it looks like it really depends on the kind of person that you are. If you don’t have distractions at home except your phone, you can probably get by without it. But if you have a family of 6 and a few pets, I’d definitely recommend you go down the road of serviced offices or just coworking in general. I believe if this is you, you’ll get a lot more out you your work and your time

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