How To Create A Luxury Home Office 

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Whether you’re working from home or need to bring home your work from the office, everyone must have a suitable office space where they can focus and avoid distractions. While you can just use the spare room you have in your home, you can try to pump it up a little by designing it to be luxurious and relaxing at the same time. In this way, you’ll see work not as a boring task but a rather fun activity.  

As you design your home office space, you may want to create it differently from the standard office space. In this way, you can enjoy your time while at work, and appreciate the design and beauty you put into your area. Below are the ways on how to create a luxury home office:  

Purchase The Best Software 

While purchasing the best software might not help make your home office look luxurious, it can allow you to experience that feeling. Look for the software you need for your business, like internet fax, and purchase them for your devices. 

In this way, you can have all of the convenience you need without purchasing physical machines to help you get the job done. Moreover, it can free up table space, giving your more room.  

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As you look for the best software, try to ensure you only purchase what you need, and not what you think looks great for you to have. In this way, you can avoid spending too much. This gives your computer enough memory space for your work files.  

Choose A Wide Desk  

The highlight of your home office is your desk. No matter how well-decorated your office is, if you use just a small and narrow table to put your computer on, it’ll defeat the purpose of a luxurious work space.  

To make your home office look expensive, consider purchasing a wide desk large enough for your entire computer and peripherals. Moreover, you should prepare the space you need for physical documents, decorations, and a coaster for your cup of coffee. In this way, you can eliminate the possibility of your desk looking cluttered.  

For maximum luxury, you can choose to have a glass table, or a wooden table painted in a single solid color. Depending on your home office’s theme, your table should accentuate the room without using bright and loud colors.  

Include Extra Seating 

Even if you’re not anticipating any clients to come to your home office to discuss business matters, it will be nice if you can add extra seating in your office, and make your area look spacious. There’s nothing better than an office that looks powerful and expensive at the same time.  

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You can begin by adding two chairs by the front of your work table. However, with this setup, it’s ideal if you can angle your computer to the side of the table so you can see both clients at the same time. If not, it will be difficult to move your body left or right when communicating with them.  

If you have enough space in your home office, you might want to consider adding a mini sofa set where you can sit and lounge with your clients and discuss business matters. This should allow for a more comfortable conversation.  

If you do include extra seating, ensure you also add a small coffee table for when giving them snacks or refreshments. In this way, you don’t leave your clients empty-handed, especially when they’re too shy to ask for a drink.  

Add Fancy Decorations 

One way you can make your home office luxurious is by sophisticated decorations. While your furniture can speak for itself, you shouldn’t forget that decorations play a huge part in giving your space an elegant vibe. 

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You can begin by adding expensive table decorations to your desks, such as a sparkly paperweight and pen holder. You can choose to include a shelf wherein you place important things you need to keep in your offices, such as your books, documents, and files. 

For the blank spaces on your shelf, you can add small decorations that give a luxurious hint. Additionally, if you have enough room in your home office, you should consider adding a console table where you can place elegant decorations.  

Apart from surface decor, you shouldn’t forget that wall decorations play a huge part, too. If you’re a huge art fan, you can add large classical paintings on your wall or art pieces that are popular with art collectors. Alternatively, you can use mirrors to make the room feel more expansive even when you have a smaller space.  

Customize The Lighting  

The presence of light inside your home office has a huge impact on how your space will speak for itself. While your regular lighting may help provide enough light, you should consider changing them and making their placement look luxurious and expensive. 

You should consider adding cove lights or good pendant lights to your home office tasks lights. If you’re going for cove lighting, adding a brilliant chandelier by the middle will make the room look expensive and luxurious. Just ensure you provide the perfect balance, and don’t overcrowd your ceiling with lights. This might exude a more cluttered feel than what you’re hoping for.  

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Luxury Home Office 

Throw In A Rug 

A luxurious home office doesn’t mean everything needs to look physically strong and sturdy. To make your space look more comfortable, consider adding rugs by your desk. It makes the area more inviting. Moreover, it will be a great time to kick your shoes off and walk barefoot on the clean fleece or wool, especially if you’re having a stressful time at work.  

As you add in a rug, ensure it can cover your workstation’s entire desk and seating area. A small rug can instantly change the mood.  


Having a luxurious home office can be very expensive, especially if you need to purchase plenty of costly furniture and decor. However, once you finish decorating your space, you’ll surely appreciate the beauty and relaxing atmosphere it’ll give to you and your guests. All you need to do is design your space well, and you can have the most luxurious home office in your neighborhood. 

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