What Tech Does Your Home Need To Elevate Its Cleaning Game?

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Home cleanliness is a huge factor in personal health and overall wellbeing. A report by the Washington Post shows that a clean home can create subjective feelings of wellness from the knowledge that every step has been taken to keep dirt and disease away. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, the time simply isn’t there to keep the home tidied and sparkling clean. As with many other areas of daily life, smart technology has stepped in. Today, a stable of key devices are helping homeowners to do away with dirt in their home life and take control, leaving more time for relaxation and hobbies.

The floors of the home

Floor vacs, hoovers and mops are nothing new. As USA Today explores, they’re actually a mainstay in the smart equipment of any home – often, the journey begins with a smart vac. Mopping and vacuuming is often a tiring task that only takes place after the work has already been created; smart mops and vacs take out that stress by consistently undertaking a low level of cleaning, making sure any and all spills and stains are dealt with the moment they occur. When looking to upgrade your mop, you must tailor it for your floor type and size. A larger area will require a product with a longer-lasting battery and, in the case of robot products, the correct specifications to ‘map’ out the floor area. Also consider your floor type – real hardwood could swell or crack if too much water is applied, whereas tile, stone and LVP should be fine.

Smart disinfection

Now more than ever, homeowners are aware of the risks of bringing in bacteria and particles from the outdoors. Increasingly, companies are providing smart ‘sanitation stations’ for the contents of your pockets and hands. For the hands, this is straightforward: a dispenser of alcohol gel to help you make sure your hands have a barrier before getting to the sink to rub and scrub. For your pockets, smart sanitation and drying stations that dispense sanitizing spray while you’re washing your hands are proving useful.

Air filtration systems

As the EPA outlines, indoor air quality can be quite poor. The accumulation of organic material breakdown, skin cells and volatile chemicals can combine to create conditions that are nothing short of poor for the respiratory system. These are often the cause of dirt around the home, too, as they settle. Having effective filtration in the home is an area now being championed by the smart cause, through the use of smart dehumidifiers and air quality filters that can accurately assess and tackle poor air quality throughout the home. Getting one of these devices in and filtering everyday air can help to nip a lot of cleaning issues in the bud early on.
What smart cleaning devices really achieve is preventative measures. The big cleaning tasks that spring brings in simply don’t accumulate like they did in the past. Minor actions, taken every day, save energy and cleaning pain down the line.

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