7 Easy To Grow Plants for Beginners

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If you are planning to start growing plants in your home but you are afraid of killing them even before they reach their mature stage, then you need not worry. The following list includes 7 nearly-indestructible plants that are low-maintenance and easy-to-grow even for beginners.

1. Spider Plant


Spider plant, aka ribbon plant, is a popular tropical plant that has a reputation of impossible to kill. It is a great houseplant for beginners and black thumbs. It has long, trailing leaves coming out of a single base. Its leaves are in combinations of white/green and chartreuse/green. It is an extremely low-maintenance plant that does not need to be watered until its soil has gone completely dry; this does not happen before a fortnight or so. It prefers partial to full sunlight; it won’t make a fuss about it. You can grow this tough guy in hanging baskets or in tabletop pots.

2. Pink Anthurium


Pink Anthurium is an elegant, compact plant. It may look as if it requires a lot of attention and care, but in reality, there is not much work to do when you have to grow and raise it. It is a very durable, easy-to-grow houseplant. It has modified, waxy leaves that are in shades of aesthetic pink.

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Growing this adorable plant is an easy breeze, even for a beginner. You need to water it only once in a week or two. There are no specific light requirements; just do not put it in direct sun. That’s pretty much it.

3. Beefsteak Begonia


Beefsteak begonia or Erythrophylla is an attractive houseplant that is a great choice for first-time plant parents. It is a small plant of almost 15 inches, bearing large, round leaves. The leaves are a shade of olive-green with deep and darker undersides. This begonia plant is low-maintenance, and growing it is not much of a hassle. It needs regular watering and monthly feeding with a weak fertilizer. Bright and indirect sunlight is more preferred over direct light exposure. Beginners can grow this adorable plant to practices the basics of indoor gardening.

4. Lucky Bamboo


Lucky Bamboo is a charming plant from the dracaena genus. It is actually a trailing plant that grows over its own erect stems. It is one of the toughest guys in the plant world that can survive hazardous conditions. Improper light exposure, poor watering, bad air quality have no effect on its healthy growth. It is a perfect houseplant for beginners and for those who have a record of killing plants unintentionally. It also makes a great office plant. It can attain a height of 3 feet. This lucky plant is believed to bring good luck and energy to its surrounding; you should really grow it if want some extra of those in your life.

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5. Succulents and Cacti


There is no way you have not seen a cactus, even for once. Succulents and cactus are popular houseplants because of their durability and low-maintenance quality. These hardy plants have thick, waxy leaves that help them retain water and tolerant of any harsh condition. These touch fellas do not need frequent watering and need not be fed every now and then. All you have to do is place them in a well-lit spot where they get adequate light exposure. Well, this is all you have to do. There are many lovely species of succulents that you can choose from: Aloe vera, Jade plant, Agave, beautiful Echeveria rosettes, and many more.

6. Cast-Iron Plant


Aspidistra Elatior, also known as the Cast-Iron plant, is a gorgeous plant from the Lily family. It has fresh-green foliage that perfectly adorns every spot in a home. As its name reflects, it is a hardy plant that is nearly indestructible. It is a slow-grower that thrives in any condition. It can be grown in low light, low water availability, and in fluctuating temperatures. It can survive a surprising amount of neglect and stress. That is why it is the best choice for new plant-growers.

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7. Madagascar Dragon Tree


Madagascar Dragon Tree or Dracaena Marginata is a widely-popular houseplant for beginners as it is an easy-to-grow and easy-to-maintain tropical plant. It has long, narrow, dark green leaves that are stiff in texture. These leaves arch outwards when they grow out of a base. The most remarkable and unique quality of this plant is that it oozes red when it is wounded or cut, thus it is metamorphically called alive and thought to resemble a dragon. It is a very tough plant that can go for months being neglected and without any water. It is a great choice for beginners. It does not ask for much attention and will grow pretty much on its own. You just have to appreciate its beauty and prune it sometimes.

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