6 Benefits of Owning a Zero-Turn Mower

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When looking for a new machine to mow your lawn, there are many different types and styles to choose from. For those with large yards or yards with a substantial number of obstacles, zero-turn mowers are often the perfect fit, as they are some of the fastest and most versatile mowers to use. But what exactly makes them different from more traditional machines? Here are the top six benefits of owning a zero-turn mower over a traditional riding mower or lawn tractor.


 Zero-turn mowers are a type of riding lawn mower that can turn on the spot, or have a “zero turn radius.” These machines can turn on their own footprint, allowing them to make very quick and tight turns when compared to traditional mowers. Instead of having a steering wheel, zero-turn mowers usually use levers called lap bars that independently control each of the mower’s wheels.

This gives the driver complete control over their mower and greater navigational abilities. With this, the zero-inch radius and the levers make zero-turn mowers much easier to control and maneuver than traditional riding models. This is especially helpful for navigating yards with obstacles like trees and rocks, as well as reaching tighter and hard-to-reach areas that are difficult to cover with a standard mower.

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 Smoother Lawn

 The increased maneuverability and navigational control made possible with a zero-turn mower can help achieve an overall smoother and cleaner-looking lawn. Traditional riders with a larger turn radius may leave small patches of uncut grass that require additional cutting and give the yard an uneven look.

With the ability to turn evenly at the end of each mowing row, zero-turn mowers can help you achieve those perfectly parallel lawn stripes you’ve been dreaming about! These machines also often boast a higher blade speed overall in comparison to other styles of mowers. This means that the blades on a zero-turn mower work much faster than ones on traditional mowers and produce a higher quality cut — leading to a much smoother and professional look for your yard.

 Speed and Efficiency

 The zero-turn mower’s blades are not the only high-speed feature. One of the best advantages of owning a zero-turn mower is its increased driving speed and efficiency. Zero-turn mowers are known to cut average mowing times by nearly half! This is because zero-turn mowers can run safely at faster speeds due to their lower center of gravity. While standard riding mowers have an average speed of 4 mph and a maximum speed of 7 mph, zero-turn mowers boast an average speed of around 5 mph with maximum speeds reaching 10 mph.

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Additionally, the increased maneuverability of zero-turn mowers mentioned above also adds to their efficiency. By allowing you to quickly mow around obstacles and hard-to-reach areas, the zero-turn mower shortens mowing time and reduces the need for extra trimming once mowing is done. Some zero-turn mowers, such as the Mustang Zero-Turn Riders from Troy-Bilt, also come with options for wider decks, allowing you to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. Manufacturers will offer a range of different features, but the size of the deck is the primary differentiating factor in any lineup. 


 Another benefit that comes with zero-turn mowers is their durability when compared to traditional models. In short, the more you use your lawn mower, the shorter its lifespan will be. Since zero-turn mowers are purpose built for mowing and save time due to their increased speed and efficiency, they’re likely to last longer than standard riding lawn mowers. Additionally, the speed and efficiency of a zero-turn mower can also prove to be more fuel efficient.

 Ease of Use

 Although it may look intimidating at first, driving a zero-turn mower is often easier than driving riding mowers with traditional steering wheels once you get over the learning curve. The levers on a zero-turn mower control both its speed and direction similar to a shopping cart. To move faster and go forward, you just simply need to push the levers forward. To move backwards and slow down, simply pull them back.

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To turn, move the levers in opposite directions. Stopping the mower is also easy as you just need to pull the levers back to their neutral position. Most zero-turn mowers also come with an emergency brake and other added features like cushioned seating — making it easy, comfortable, and safe to ride.


 While not as versatile as a lawn tractor, there are still ways that a zero-turn mower can provide additional functionality. With a variety of attachments and accessories available, you can really get the most out of your zero-turn mower all year round. Some of popular accessories include mulching kits and rear attachments like lawn rollers, spreaders and aerators.

 With aspects like increased maneuverability, speed, and cleaner and smoother cuts, zero-turn mowers may be the right choice for your yard. Be sure to check your local dealer or retailer for more information.


  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how the increased maneuverability and navigational control made possible with a zero-turn mower can help achieve an overall smoother and cleaner-looking lawn. Our current lawn mower recently broke down, so we need to buy a new one. This time, I am thinking of getting a zero turn lawn mower.

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