The Many Benefits Provided By A ‘Digital’ Pool Heater

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Having a pool heater can be essential if you want to keep using your fibreglass pool through the colder days. Extend your pool season by investing in a good pool heater. However, even when it comes to pool heaters, there are various options available to you. You can choose between analog or digital pool heaters, among others.

Of these, a digital pool heater is far more useful than the analog variety. A digital pool heater is usually powered by electricity. You’ll be provided with detailed information on the temperature of your pool, as well as everything you need to know about heating it.

What Is A Digital Pool Heater?

A digital pool heater is used to heat the water in your fibreglass pool, using electricity. It comes with an element that’s responsible for heating the pool, not different from what you would see in a space heater. When the water from your fibreglass pool passes through the digital pool heater, the water is heated.

The water continues to be heated as it passes through the pool pump, as well as the filtration system. Digital pool heaters are usually electric. This means that they utilize electrical resistance in order to bring to temperature the heating element that’s present inside it. The process of installing a digital pool heater is also easy. You shouldn’t have any problems setting it up or operating it either. It will continue to provide you with accurate information regarding the temperature of your pool.

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The one issue you might have is that a digital pool heater may not be the most energy efficient. Compared to gas pool heaters, electric pool heaters are seen as less energy efficient. However, for the fibreglass pool in your home, a digital pool heater can be more than sufficient. Digital pool heaters are also great for spas as well. As long as your pool has under 15,000 gallons of water, you can get a digital pool heater installed for it. This is irrespective of whether the pool is an above-ground or inground pool.

What Makes Digital Pool Heaters the More Popular Option?

In some places, you may not be able to get a gas pool heater installed. This is because you may not have access to a gas line, or even to a propane tank. If this is the case, then a digital pool heater could be your best option. The climate of the area you live in will also have a say on whether a digital pool heater or a gas pool heater would be better for your pool.

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If the climate is colder and the pool needs to be heated more, then a gas pool heater might be better. This also applies to larger pools that are meant to be used by lots of people, such as public pools. However, for your personal fibreglass pool, a digital pool heater can be more than sufficient. Note also that with a digital pool heater, you’ll be provided with information on exactly how hot the water in your pool is. When the pool water is at the temperature you desire, you can turn the digital pool heater off.

With a gas pool heater, you would not be privy to this information. As a result, you could end up needing to keep your gas pool heater on for longer, increasing your gas expenses.

Everything You Should Know About Digital Pool Heaters

Digital pool heaters usually have a heating element, which is mainly responsible for heating the water in the pool. You could also get a heat pump, but these work very differently. It’s more expensive to operate a digital pool heater than it is to operate a heat pump. However, buying a digital pool heater is cheaper.

Compared to gas pool heaters, digital pool heaters are more expensive as well. However, the cost of operating a digital pool heater is less than a gas pool heater. Generally, digital pool heaters are compact. Operating them is simple as well. They can quickly heat up the water in your fibreglass pool. Compared to electric heat pumps, digital pool heaters are far more efficient at heating the water in your fibreglass pool. Choosing to learn more about pool heaters is vitally important so you can maintain your pool properly and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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The Benefits Of Opting For A Digital Pool Heater

Now, let’s look at the main benefits of getting a digital pool heater. These include:

No Gas Required

The greatest advantage to getting a digital pool heater is that you won’t need to rely on gas. If you’re already worried about your gas bills, then opt for a digital pool heater instead. You may also not have access to a gas line for your pool. This is an issue homeowners with fibreglass pools sometimes face. If this is the case, then a digital pool heater, which runs on electricity, could be perfect for you.

Simple Installation

The process of installing a digital pool heater is easy. Your pool installer should be able to do this effectively, at a lower cost than it would have taken to set up a gas pool heater. It’s also much simpler to operate a digital pool heater. The pool heater will let you know what the temperature of the water is, so you know exactly how long you need to leave the digital pool heater on for.

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Easier Maintenance

It’s also easier for you to maintain a digital pool heater as well. You don’t need to invest too much time or money into maintaining your pool heater. If you have a smaller fibreglass pool or a home spa, then a digital pool heater can be more than enough for your pool heating needs.

Average Time Taken To Heat The Pool

Finally, it also takes a digital pool heater less time to heat the pool. Compared to gas pool heaters, which take more time, digital pool heaters can get the job done faster. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy using your heated fibreglass pool sooner.


Digital pool heaters offer several benefits to fibreglass pool owners. They are easier to maintain and easier to operate, and they provide you with valuable information on how hot the temperature of the pool is. Compared to many other types of pool heaters available on the market, digital pool heaters are better suited to fibreglass pool owners.

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