What is composite decking and what are the benefits

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When choosing the right material for your decking you want something that is durable, low maintenance and looks great.  Composite decking is fast becoming the option that Melbourne homeowners are choosing, and ticks all the boxes for modern homes.

composite decking

Low Maintenance

Composite decking is the best choice for low maintenance.  They are pre-finished and will look fantastic for at least 20-25 years without requiring you to spend weekends tending to them.

Unlike wood, they won’t decay over time or require any staining or painting.  When the composite decking material gets grubby it is simply a matter of cleaning with soapy water.

Due to their durability they are a great cost-effective choice in the long run.


We are in a time where we are wanting to do the best for our environment, particularly when it comes to our homes.  Composite decking is a combination of recycled products such as timber, plastic, fibers, polymer resins and natural minerals.  These materials would otherwise be placed in landfills.

Composite decking also leaves a positive impact on the environment because the lengths come in set sizes which reduces waste.

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Looks Fantastic

Composite decking comes in a range of colours which gives you variety when choosing the style best suited to your outdoor space.  You can create a seamless look by using hidden fixings, and because they don’t decay, they will always look like new. You will have peace of mind not having to worry about splitting, cracking or warping, and your weekends will be free without having to regularly paint, stain or reseal them to look good.


Composite decking can pretty much handle any weather that is thrown at it because it has the benefits of both wood which makes it stiff and less likely to crush, and plastic which is fairly resistant to whatever it comes up against.

This means composite decking basically looks after itself, even in the unpredictable Melbourne weather.  25 years or more maintenance-free years with a stylish exterior will have your neighbours wanting one of their own.

Increase the Value of Your Home

When making any addition to your home, either indoors or outdoors, keeping the costs within your budget is essential even though it will add value to your home.  While wood is the cheapest option on offer, composite decking is also available at a reasonable cost without all the ongoing maintenance that ends up costing you extra money each year.  Installation is easy and it’s good for the environment. If you still prefer wood, composite decking also comes in a wood style which will give you the look and functionality without all the work. 

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