Marcus Beach House By BARK Design Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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We’re sure that most of you will agree that a perfect home needs to be spacious, beautifully furnished and tastefully decorated. However, a home’s location also plays a key role in its overall appeal. This is why beach houses are so popular. They are built in close proximity to the sea and allow their residents to enjoy the gentle caress of the breeze on a daily basis. The Marcus Beach House is a fine example. It was designed by a firm named BARK Design Architects, and it can be found in QueenslandAustralia.

It flaunts 2,798 square feet of living space (extensions included), and it includes a main pavilion that houses its primary living spaces as well as a gorgeous master bedroom that can be accessed via a polycarbonate clad stair tower. What makes this home special apart from its luxurious accommodation options is the fact that it boasts a certain degree of self-sustainability.

Thanks to its carefully positioned doors and windows, the residence welcomes the breeze while a selection of roof overhangs block extra sunlight thus protecting the living areas from overheating. Furthermore, glazing ensures that artificial lighting is scarcely needed, but we should also mention the fact that no air conditioning systems were installed throughout the abode, probably because it does such a fine job in keeping cool all by itself.

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