10 ideas for industrial sliding doors that you can completely make yourself

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The industrial sliding doors are everywhere. Pretty, stylish and practical, they add a rustic touch to our decor, while allowing us to save space.

10 Ideas For Industrial Sliding Doors That You Can Completely Make Yourself

In addition to being beautiful, they are easily achievable if we invest a little of our time. There are several ways to achieve them for a remarkably low cost.

Massive, recycled, repainted or even found on the edge of the street, there is something for everyone. It’s up to you to find the style that suits you best!

1. Recycled glazed

Sliding door

Do you like chasing antiques? Do you have an eye for abandoned building materials? Find a business door watch (preferably glazed) that you can revamp! Apply a film on the glass or a lettered decal to accentuate its vintage look. Psst! : It’s particularly beautiful as a laundry room door!

2. “Table” version

Sliding door

Table painting is very trendy today and we like it as much for its practicality as for the beautiful slate effect it gives to our walls. We saw it in a calendar, in a bulletin board and on a wall, but why not apply it on sliding doors? In the kitchen, the office or the playroom of toddlers, they will add life and personality to your home!

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3. On a piece of furniture

Cabinet with sliding doors

The perfect DIY if you have a TV stand that goes a little too unnoticed! Compliment it with two sliding mini-doors, an impressive hardware store and take advantage of it to give it a brushstroke. A plus: you can even hide electronic devices and wires that you do not want to see anymore. Farewell Playstation and controller collection!

4. The “TV cover”

Shabby chic boudoir

Not easy to design harmonious interiors with XXL TVs nowadays! Do you find your prominent, stealing the show with your decor? Why not design a set of two sliding doors to hide it! As beautiful closed as open, it’s an ingenious trick that will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

5. The classic (barn wood)

Sliding industrial door

It is my favorite! Reuse old wooden planks and make your own unique industrial door. The more the boards seem to have lived, the better! Personally, I love the hardware selection on this one, which gives it a raw and warm look.

6. Retrieved

Sliding door

You are not too rough type wood or you just do not want to complicate your life? Why not use a door that you already have! Give her a new look by painting a funky color, decorate it with a pretty hardware store and voilà! This will be the new star of your room.

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7. In fabric

Sliding industrial door

The ultra light version par excellence! You only have to build a wooden frame of the size of your choice and cover it with the fabric of your choice. Depending on the fabric you use, you can make this door the focal point of your room, or make it almost invisible. Ideal as a wardrobe door!

8. Double

Sliding industrial doors

Do you have a large opening to cover or do you want to create intimacy between two neighboring rooms? Create a duo of industrial doors that will allow you to meet your needs while giving a little “oomph! To your room!

9. With piping

Industrial door with piping

Exposed piping is a key element in adding an industrial touch to a room. As sturdy as pretty, it is used at the top rail and handle for maximum effect. One stone, two blows!

10. Industrial kitchen doors


Do you have an open concept kitchen or are you just looking for a way to hide parts of a shelf? Add semi-transparent sliding panels for a very interesting effect! This concept could also work with old tile windows.

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