How to Choose the Best Interior and Exterior Doors

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Being long-term acquisitions, the interior and exterior doors should be chosen by taking into account a number of issues, such as durability, material, and design.


The most recommended structure is made of slats of wood (layered). In the case of interior doors, specialists recommend good finishes such as natural veneer. As for the exterior wood doors, the lacquers that are used are extremely important because they have to provide high resistance to the external factors. For the interior doors with a modern design, it is highly recommended a top quality melamine and aluminum elements.

Lately, the door technology has evolved, using the materials in different combinations for a particular design: wood with aluminum, surfaced panels with aluminum inserts, glass and aluminum.

Types of doors

Here are the main types of doors based on the material from which they are made:

Cellular doors are typical for the interior, with different finishes (veneered, melamine, etc.), being some of the most required by the private clients. For more endurance in time and for sound and fire, the best doors are the ones with the core structure made of timber.

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Glass doors under different shapes and materials include glass doors with wooden frames and glass doors with aluminum frames.

Metal doors, technical doors, with or without fire resistance are available in any color and are a great choice as exterior doors.

Armored doors, with wooden panels, come in numerous types of veneer and melamine finish.


In terms of style, it is vital for the door design to be in accordance with the design of the furniture. In case, that is not applied, you can choose doors with a simpler design.

Fire resistance, sound and thermal insulation

Fire doors develop a fire resistance for 30, 60 and 120 minutes. Pinum doors feature a 30 minute resistance to fire. The noise insulation index is about 24 db with technical agreement.  Also, the armored doors have a high soundproofing of 36 db.



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