Budget-Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Whether a patio or deck, outdoor living spaces are perfect for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family, especially during the warm spring and summer. Updating your outdoor living areas can make the space more attractive and functional, making spending time outside more enjoyable. An updated outdoor living space can also significantly boost your home’s value and curb appeal. This is especially crucial if you’re looking to sell your house soon since you’ll be able to sell faster and for top dollar.

The good news is that there are many great ways to spruce up your outdoor space and make it more appealing and inviting. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to give your outdoor space a refresh. Today, you can find a range of quality clearance outdoor furniture at discounted prices from a reputable furniture store like Kasala. This allows you to add flair and style to your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Here are a few other budget-friendly ways to give your outdoor space an upgrade:

1. Landscape with Potted Plants and Flowers

Planters are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Not only can potted flowers and plants add warmth and life to your backyard, but they can also make the space appear more colorful and inviting. Another great thing about potted plants is that they don’t take up much yard space. They also don’t involve any digging to create landscape borders and beds. As such, potted plants save up a lot of precious yard space and can be used to add some privacy to your backyard.

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Get some decorative containers, fill them with your favorite plants and colorful flowers, and nicely arrange them on your patio, terrace, and deck. Experiment with different container colors, sizes, shapes, and placements until you find the perfect style for your space. You can choose from a range of custom containers at your local garden store. Also, consider mixing planters in varying widths and heights and categorize them in numbered clusters. You can even add some bright fillers and draping ivy to your potted plants.

2. Set the Mood with Lighting

The right outdoor lighting can help set the mood for evening outdoor entertaining. Outdoor lights also make a perfect perennial addition to your patio since their warm glow creates a magical atmosphere after the sun sets without being distracting. And you can find a range of beautiful, inexpensive outdoor lights that can significantly and immediately impact the look of your outdoor spaces.

Creative ways of adding lighting to your outdoor spaces include draping string lights down your outdoor dining table to create a twinkling centerpiece or suspending them from the pergola. You can choose the perfect string light bulb styles to illuminate and add a dash of romance to your outdoor space. You can even use string lights to create a striking yet inexpensive statement chandelier for your backyard. Besides string lights, you can also use inexpensive solar-powered lanterns. If you want something hardwired, install light fixtures to the exterior of your house, including permanent landscape light, with the help of an experienced local electrician.

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3. Add a Fire Pit

Adding a fire pit is another inexpensive way to update the look and feel of your outdoor space. Fire pits are the ultimate outdoor addition, especially if where you live allows for one. They come in different sizes, shapes, and price points, so you can be guaranteed to find one that suits your unique style and preference. A great option is adding an inexpensive, classic wood-burning fire pit to your patio to add the warmth and ambiance of an expensive fire pit to the space. If you have limited space, you can choose a portable fire pit that you can easily tuck away if you need extra seating space or room for your grill.

Alternatively, you can save more money by building a custom fire pit yourself. You can install either an above-ground or in-ground fire pit. The secret to building an inexpensive, custom patio fire pit is using low-cost, repurposed materials like flower pots, metal planters, and steel receptacles. You can also make your fire pit from pea gravel and small boulders. If you don’t have the time or required skills, you can hire a professional mason to build a more permanent fire pit where you and your friends and family can enjoy cool weather get-togethers.

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4. Create Garden Pathways

Besides beautifying your outdoor living areas, adding new hardscaping can bring style and practicality to your yard. Adding pathways throughout your yard can make it easier and safer to get around and help tie everything together. Garden pathways can also help protect your garden and expensive lawn from foot traffic. You can use a mixture of pebbles and stone to create the perfect paver throughout your yard. This easy-to-install garden paver doesn’t require you to install any thick base- you just need to spread a simple dirt bed and lay the stone and sod squares over it to create a long-lasting and attractive paver path.

Another inexpensive option for building a custom garden pathway is using crushed gravel and rock to create a more casual surface. If you opt for conventional pavers, consider using large stones scattered with wide grass swaths. This option will help significantly reduce the required materials for the project, resulting in more savings.

5. Plant a Privacy Wall

If nosy neighbors and curious passers-by prevent you from enjoying endless hours of lounging in your backyard paradise, you may want to add some privacy to the space. If you cannot invest in a full privacy solution, consider adding an inexpensive hanging plant wall of evergreen shrubs to block their view. Other superb options include arborvitae, white pine, and hemlock.

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You can use zip ties to hold the vines in position and make it easier to nicely arrange them across the support structure. And you don’t have to wait for the plants to grow tall enough to completely screen your backyard since you can purchase artificial ones. You can also cover your pergola with climbing plants to add privacy and shade without blocking the stunning backyard view.


Making small, inexpensive changes, such as installing the right outdoor lighting and adding some potted plants and flowers, can make a huge difference in your outdoor space’s overall look and ambiance. Implementing the tips above will help you spruce up your outdoor space without spending a fortune. Updating your outdoor living space will make it more inviting and comfy for you and your family or guests to enjoy outdoor time.

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