Outer Space for Kids In Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

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Boasting a playful yet luxurious ambiance, Outer Space for Kids is a private home located in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. It features 1,485 square feet of living space and was sketched out by Hao Interior Design. As its name suggests, the abode includes special areas in which children can play and have fun. However, some childish elements are also present in other rooms of the house.

For example, a moon lamp appears to be floating on the kitchen island, while the vibrantly colored cabinet can be used to highlight numerous toys. There is even a movable blackboard that allows children to express their creativity. The house was built using high quality materials such as metal, wood and concrete, all of which contribute to a clean and elegant look.

From the architect:

The place for kids to play, run and have fun” is the most cardinal inspiration of this project.

Even the simple, elegant, and typical Japanese style is the characteristics of this space, we make numerous details which is full of the fun and joy of childlike innocence, for instance, the moon lamp looks like floating on the kitchen island, the vivid cabinet which can display plenty of adorable toys, the dramatic shelf, the pouf look extremely the same as stone and logs which should be in forest, and the movable blackboard can let the kids give full play to theirs imagination and energy.

When concrete, wood, metal these materials make the room simple, clean and elegant, those details have been mentioned bring the fresh, humorous and unique feature to whole atmosphere.

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