Bachelor Apartment: How to Make it Look Good?


How to make a bachelor apartment look good if you don’t have a keen eye on design or don’t want to spend a lot of money on decorating the interior? This is a frequent question a lot of guys ask Google and themselves. Very often, we neglect such things as apartment interior thinking that after all, it doesn’t matter. But even if you spend most of your time at work, you’d still enjoy relaxing in a comfortable place every day. And imagine what impression a tidy and stylish apartment could make on your guests. So what you can do now to make your home look a little better without serious money investment? Keep reading!  

1. Break Up Monotonous Colors with Neutrals

Most of those fancy bachelor pad apartment ideas look good only in big apartments. But what if you don’t have a lot of space? In this case, color is your best friend. Keep the color scheme in the interior consistent, but don’t be afraid to add some vivid accents. Also, you can combine light and dark colors to visually make your place look more spacious. If you live in a studio apartment and your kitchen oversees the living room, paint three walls in a neutral palette and one in a darker tone. This will definitely add character to an interior and make an apartment not only more stylish but also visually bigger.  

2. Sets of Dinnerware and Glassware

When it comes to men’s apartment essentials, a set of good dinnerware and glassware comes first on the list. Of course, you can totally get by with four mugs from your mum’s kitchen and two different glasses you stole from your college roommate years ago. Though, that’s not exactly the vibe that a grown man’s apartment should give. You don’t have to buy original Murano glass or anything. Classic white dinnerware, simple silverware and plain glasses will do. Besides, all this is not expensive and you can buy it from anywhere. Finally, remember that you should always have extra of everything even though you live alone.

3. Windows with Curtains

The best way to make a single man apartment look classy is having the heavy dark curtains put on your windows. They look awesome and they allow you to create a romantic atmosphere at any time of the day. This one simple detail can make a difference between an ok apartment and a place with a noble interior. Therefore, if you have an opportunity to replace standard cheap blinds with a set of simple curtains – do it now. And make sure you don’t buy too short curtains. Ideally, they should touch the floor. This is another trick as to how you can make a small bachelor apartment look bigger.

4. Throw Out the Empty Liquor Bottles

No explanation is necessary here. You’re not in college anymore and this is not the kind of impression you’d want to make on your guests. Make sure you don’t stack the trash like this and generally try to keep your apartment minimalistic.

Clean, minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city in Taipei
Clean, minimalist apartment with a window overlooking the city in Taipei

This means hiding everything that could be hidden in a closet, drawer, wardrobe, whatever. The more free space you have, the better your apartment will look in the end. We all store a lot of things for a better day, and you don’t have to toss away a half of what you don’t use at the moment. The key is to just stay organized at all times

5. Framed Art

Of all the bachelor pad ideas, apartment with lots of framed art is probably one of the most useful tips from DoULike because it helped a lot of singles become not-so-single. Framed art is something you’ll enjoy having around every day and it will definitely impress any guest you might have. Besides, if you put some thinking into this and hang something meaningful on your wall, something that tells a lot about your personality, this will play for you even better. Or maybe you liked painting in high school? Don’t let that talent go by the wayside. Your apartment is your place to shine and framed art is the way to go.

The ideal bachelor apartment – Adorable Home
The ideal bachelor apartment – Adorable Home

6. More Plants

You don’t need to transform your place into a botanic garden but having at least one living thing in your bachelor apartment other than you will definitely make a difference. First of all, it makes the place look cozy. Next, it adds a splash of color to the interior. And finally, it also describes your personality to some extent. Surprised? Here’s what I mean by describing personality. If you have a plant, this means that you have a taste, you like having beautiful things around you, and you are responsible. After all, even such a trivial thing as having to take care of this plant is not something a lot of guys commit to, but they should be.

Nordic Influence: Posh Bachelor Pad
Nordic Influence: Posh Bachelor Pad

As you can see, it’s possible to do a lot with a very little effort. So if you think this is something you’d like to try, don’t postpone a makeover and start this weekend. Good luck!

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