5 Modern Luxury Interior Design Features

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Luxury interior design varies depending on personal preference. Then again, all high-end interior designs focus on elements that offer quality, detail, sophistication and comfort on a high level. It is the refined appearance that makes modern luxury designs so desirable.

What all elegant homes have in common is that specific aura you feel immediately you get to the entrance. It gives you a distinctive feeling that life is easy when you notice the detail, elegance and sense of proportion. Modern luxury interior design comes in different styles and since beauty is in every beholder’s eye, choose what appeals to you. Here are the top five modern luxury interior design features to consider:

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Adding frameless glass sliding doors to your house creates a different kind of aesthetic. Such moving doors maximize light into the house and reflects the outside inside your house. With a glass sliding door, you will enjoy the beautiful outside environment while inside your house. You can see the beautiful flowers in your garden and the moving water if you live next to a lake or an ocean. Choose frameless glass sliding doors of the highest quality designed with minimal framing to complement the entire house. The main appeal of these frameless glass sliding doors is the subtle sightlines, so choose a well-defined door engineered to bring out the appeal.

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Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Glass Staircases

Glass staircases are among the classic designs and stair features in modern architecture. They make your home look luxurious and compliment the inside look. Glass staircases are both a functional element as well as a piece of art. They are made using a special architectural glass chemically treated and laminated to give it the needed strength to support it and hold the weight of those walking on it at the same time.

You, therefore, don’t need to worry about breakage or accidents in your house. You can choose to go with straight or curved designs to create a more luxurious look. Bring your lights down or provide an outside view to the mountains for a more classic look. Alternatively, you can use LED lights to create a cozy feel in your living or workspace.

Home Cinemas

Amongst all modern interior designs, home theatres have gained popularity across the globe. Today, a home cinema is not just for those movie buffs but for anyone who has enough space in their home. Home cinemas have become a representative of our current lifestyle as anyone with a spacious house is investing in a personal home cinema. If you are into entertainment, you will surely enjoy having one in your space.

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Having a home cinema is one thing but having a home cinema interior design is different. A home cinema interior design is a mutually exclusive upscale vibe that creates a cozier feel and look. Nowadays, a modern home cinema is not only lavish and signifying in interior design, but also innovative in expression. Having one in your home creates that urge to watch a movie and makes your house more magnificent.

home cinemas

Coffered Ceiling

A modern designed ceiling completes the look of the house. People will notice the ceiling once they are settled inside the house. Having a coffered ceiling will impact the entire look of the house. To create a luxury look, every part of your house should have a unique and admirable feature. A plain ceiling is not the look we are going for. For a modern high-end living room, include a coffered ceiling as it immediately becomes a focal point of the entire room.

You can choose to go with the wall theme colours and extend them to your ceiling or pick a different colour that compliments your walls. Add some modern interior design lightings to add more beauty to your coffered ceiling. You can choose other new interior design features to create a more luxurious look.

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An aquarium in your living room makes it unique and appealing at the same time. The aquarium itself is fun and adding a wide selection of colourful fish species creates a more luxurious look. This habitat for fish works as an excellent luxury interior design feature and as an inside art. If you are working on limited space, integrate the aquarium into the wall that catches the attention of everyone walking into the house.

This interesting design serves as a living wall and creates a mysterious feeling. The focal point, which is the largest impactor of your aquarium, depends on you. You can choose a piece of wood to create a nature theme or a pile of attractive stones. You can choose to go all-natural or artificial. You can mimic a natural underwater theme, corals, live plants, and large stones for a natural look. If you choose an artificial look, include statues, coloured gravel via mini castles and decorations such as divers or pirate treasure.

Final word

New modern luxury interior design ideas are coming up every day. Old features are given a special touch to make them more desirable. A classy home is appealing to both visitors and those living inside the house. As you go for that luxurious look, choose quality as they have a special touch and go with your preference.

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