Stunning Modern Design Housing Project In Athens, Greece

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Jane Mullock
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This wonderful housing project in Neos Voutzas, Athens was sketched out by Creative Architecture Studio, and it incorporates 6 luxurious 4-story homes. In order to ensure the privacy of their inhabitants, the houses are built at different heights and are flanked by natural vegetation. They all benefit from wonderful views of Marathon Bay and of the beautiful sea, and they are surrounded by an incredible pine forest.

Each villa offers 4,305 square feet of living space as well as 1,076 square feet of balconies. The most impressive room within every abode is the master bedroom, which occupies 645 square feet and can be found at the top floor. The villas are entered via iron bridges placed above gardens, and we should also mention that the entrance levels include the dining rooms and living rooms.

At ground level, there are 3 or 4 bedrooms that can be used by different family members, each and every bedroom featuring comfortable beds and modern amenities. Unforgettable moments of relaxation can be enjoyed at the SPA level, which comprises a home theater, a heated swimming pool and a steam room.

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From the architect:

The six contemporary houses cluster, designed by Creative Architecture Studio is a project of Neodevelopers co, currently for sale.

It is located in Neos Voutzas suburb at North Eastern Athens in Greece.

The entire complex takes advantage of:

A) The strongly sloping plot which gives a panoramic outlook over Marathon bay ,open sea and islands.

B) The rich pine forest surroundings producing a green embracement to the houses

All villas are detached with plantation , orientation as well as heights differentiation to protect privacy.
Every house has an indoors space 400 sq.m (4,305 sq.ft), balconies 100 sq.m (1,076 sq.ft), and consists of four levels:

1) Upper level. Master bedroom (60 sq.m [645.8 sq.ft]) the exclusive and quiet couple’s nest.

2) Entrance level. An iron bridge above the front garden links the street and the home. Stepping the bridge, entering the threshold, walking the living and dining or moving out to the large balcony the amazing view captures the visitor.

3) Ground level. Three or four bedrooms for family members. The entrance floor is placed between the two bedrooms floors to separate them, in order to supply rest and isolation for parents, and a more independent and perhaps louder living for younger family people.

4) SPA level. Heated pool, steam room, and home theater with hidden screen which unrolls above pool water. Extensive glazing offers a sense of unity between the pool and the garden.

All houses and every room in particular are bathed in the bright light of Greek blue sky.

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