Crystalline Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP


Sited among tall buildings in downtown Hiroshima, the Optical Glass House is a unique project designed by Hiroshi Nakamura& NAP. Located in Hiroshima, Japan, near a street with many passing cars and trams, in order to obtain the tranquility needed, a garden and an optical glass façade were installed.

As for the garden, it can be viewed form every room of the house, giving the place a much serene aspect.

The owners can enjoy the changing light and city moods, in every moment of the day, being also partakers of the changing seasons.

The façade is made out of 6,000 pure-glass blocks that simply disable the sound coming from the street and enable the creation of an open garden that provides lots of greenery and natural space. Aside from its waterfall-flowing-downward aspect, the glass also creates optical illusion in the interior space.

If you want spectacular, then take a look at this incredible project.

Photos by Nacasa & Partners

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