5 Small Luxuries Every Homeowner Should Have

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Luxury homes are fun to look at. But it is hard to actually examine them in person unless you know someone who has one. Luxury homes skew toward an elite income bracket guaranteed to leave most people out. That is the way of all luxury goods. Sure, you can look at homes through the filter of a magazine or TV show. But if you have ever been in a truly luxurious abode, you know that there is no substitute for actually being there where you can smell the cherry wood and touch the fine, Corinthian leather.

That said, luxury homes are greater than the sum of their parts. And it is possible for you to acquire some of those luxury parts for your home, making it just a little more luxurious. Most luxuries start out as exclusives but eventually trickle down to the masses. Seatbelts used to be the sole domain of luxury vehicles. Smartphones were once a luxury enjoyed almost exclusively by business people. Homes are no different. Luxury homes are filled with things accessible to the average person. Here are a few of those luxuries every homeowner should enjoy:

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Clean Pipes

Soft, clean, potable, eco-friendly water is one of those luxuries that should be a basic human right. The only reason it is not likely has to do with the enormous expense associated with cleaning and renewing old pipes. Your clean water system is fighting an uphill battle against hopelessly dirty and corroded pipes.

The good news is that when you do a search for restore my pipes, you will find affordable solutions that can repair leaky pipes in place. You do not have to repipe your entire house. You can easily get the pipes you have restored. Fixing those leaks means eliminating the damage that causes rust and corrosion. In turn, that corrosion will no longer get into your drinking water. Clean pipes that don’t leak are no longer the domain of the wealthy. All homeowners can and should have them.

Smart Lighting

One of the easiest, least expensive and most fun luxury upgrades you can have right now is smart lighting. You can continue to get up and walk over to a spot on the wall and flip a switch as if it were 1999. But in 2021, it is entirely unnecessary. These days, you can control lights with your smartphone, your voice, or with automation. You can also save big on your energy bill

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Personalized Decor

Everyone deserves an interior design that reflects their own personality and uniqueness. You would be surprised at how few decor flourishes it takes to put your personal stamp on things.

You might do it with accent walls. It is amazing how painting a single wall in a room makes it feel like you repainted the entire room. A few plants here and there can bring a dead space to life. Don’t be afraid to experiment. It is your home. Make it feel that way.

Good Resale Value

The incredibly wealthy should not be the only people who can get a good return on investment. You can increase your home’s resale value on any budget. Very few people are going to purchase only one home in their lifetime. We are an incredibly mobile society. So be sure that your home pays off when it is time to sell.

A Feeling of Security

The best smart home security systems are not only very good, but very affordable. Part of what makes a home feel luxurious is the feeling of security they get when they are at home. You don’t need to have a phalanx of armed guards to be secure. Affordable and easy to install systems are available for all homeowners. Now, you too, can sleep soundly.

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It is hard to say what makes a luxury home luxurious. It is no single thing. You are sure to make your home feel more luxurious by addressing your pipes, adding smart lighting, personalizing your decor, increasing your resale value, and securing your home. 

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