Stuck in Self-Isolation? Here’s Some Simple But Useful Home DIY Projects


During these strange times, it is recommended that you stay home and self isolate as much as possible to prevent the spread of germs. If you are taking care of yourself and others by following these precautions, it can get really boring just sitting around the house. With all the spare time around the house, you have probably finished all of the laundries. You’ve cleaned out that miscellaneous closet that was close to falling out on the next innocent person to open the door.

There’s no more dust on your ceiling fans or the top of your fridge. And you may have even rented a pressure washer and washed your driveway, siding, car, flowerpots, tennis shoes, and anything else that you could find. Now it’s time to start some for projects that can kill time and add some appeal to your home. Here are some cool ideas that are easy to do yourself.

Outdoor Couch

An outdoor couch is a fun project for woodworkers. It is simple enough that anyone can do it. It’s outside so there’s no need for perfection. You can get creative and change it up as you see fit. And you’ll end up with a nice addition to your patio. This design is primarily made from 2×4’s and screws so you won’t need any intricate tools or hard to find boards. I recommend shopping cushions first in case you need to change the dimensions based on the cushion width. You can choose between regular and pressure-treated wood. While standard pine will stay straighter and be easier to work with, it will require sealing to last outside. A box of exterior deck screws is easy to find and will last a long time as long as you’re not in a salty harsh environment.


Blanket Chest

If you have found yourself spending some extra time on the couch or in bed during this quarantine, you may have found it hard to keep blankets folded. Who does not love wrapping up in a blanket with a fan on while watching TV? If you’ve been in this situation, maybe you could build this chest for blankets so you can just toss the blankets, and no one will see them unfolded and out everywhere. While this chest is relatively simple, you will need an assortment of tools you likely already have like a circular saw, drill, nail gun, and table saw. You will also need an assortment of materials that can all be found at your local hardware store. The best part of making your own storage chest is the raw wood gives you a blank canvas to stain or paint to fit into your home.


Workout Bench

A DIY workout bench is basically the perfect solution to self-isolation. You get a project that will help you kill some time. You also end up with something you can use to stay healthy and in shape, especially while gyms are closed, or you don’t want to be around people. This bench is simple, portable, and heavy-duty while providing a platform to perform exercises on and somewhere to store your weights and workout gear.

Roll it out when you’re want to get a sweat on and put it away when you’re done. This design is simple. The inside frame is made from 2x4s. The top and walls are plywood. Since this has to support your body weight you will want to get casters that can at least do that on each one, in case the weight isn’t evenly distributed.  You will need hinges for the top and metal corner pieces for extra durability.


Frame over mirror

This project can be done in an afternoon and can change the look of a room. If you have a mirror hanging by itself in a room, have you considered framing it? Adding a nice, stained wooden frame can help break up a wall that is currently on the boring side. The woodworking side of this project is so simple, you could have all the board cut by the hardware store, then all you would need is a drill. Use the mirror to determine the size boards you need. Stain or paint them while they are disassembled. Use glue and mending plates to attach the corners. Then simply hang over the mirror. You may need spaces to get the mirror to lay evenly off of the mirror all the way around.


Corner Bin

You have probably been cooking at home a lot during your isolation, so you may have found yourself limited in food storage. How about taking advantage of a DIY corner storage bin? A perfect home for vegetables and fruit you like to buy in bulk. You can build one like this that sits on the floor or shrink it to fit in the corner of your counter. With the use of a circular saw, some glue, and a nail gun you can create the perfect storage bin for your kitchen. For lumber, you will need some 1x6s and plywood. With all of that, it is a simple project. Make sure any finish you use would be safe for food storage.



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