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You don’t have to be the most skillful and knowledgeable person in the world to get interested in DIY projects. You just need to be either tired of calling someone to fix your problems every single week or interested in trying to save some money this way. With so many things to do around your home – especially if you’re one of those people who are lucky enough to live in a house and have an outdoor space as well – you can always find something to fix, remodel, upgrade, repurpose, and, in short, make better than before.

However, if you want to do that, you need some proper tools to help you maximize your efforts and take your ideas to the next level. These tools are usually not that hard to find and they’re not expensive at all, but you need to know precisely what to pick and which tools are going to work for you the most. In case you need some help doing that, though, here are a few suggestions to take into consideration.

Tool chest

Whether you’re into fixing your car or building a new home for your dog, you’re going to need lots of different tools, including dozens of screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers. But, with all those tools scattered all around your garage, your basement, or your improvised workshop located in the middle of your backyard, you won’t be able to do much unless you know exactly where each of these pieces is at all times.

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There’s nothing worse for a handyman than wanting a specific tool and not being able to find it in a matter of seconds. This will cause you to lose your nerves and your focus, and that’s no way to be a productive DIY enthusiast. That’s why you need to invest in a proper tool chest first because this is the best way to keep all your tools organized, so start looking for the best tool chest on the market right now. This will help you to do anything – from small DIY projects to building your own deck. You need to be organized in order to always be able to find your tool and also work without having to make too many stops.

Cordless drill

Cordless drill

This is probably the most effective and helpful tool out there – for all those woodworking DIY ideas you’ve always wanted to turn into reality, having a cordless drill is a must. This tool won’t just help you do more work in less time, but it’s also going to keep you safer and prevent you from getting injured while working. However, you need to get to know your drill before you start working with it, just to make sure that nothing goes wrong, and make sure you have two batteries by your side at all times.

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This way, you won’t have to stop working in the middle of a project just because your drill needs recharging, and that’s how you’ll complete all your projects on time. In the end, you can turn most cordless drills into an electric screwdriver, so just make sure you have all your essential drilling and driving bits. This handy tool is perfect no matter how often you use it and once you see its benefits, you’ll see why many homeowners invest into this type of tools and always keep it close.

Wood carving tools

If you’re interested in creating something unique and memorable – anything from a picture frame to a small sculpture – you need to learn how to carve wood. This is one of those skills that can come in handy no matter how old you are, but you’ll need a set of wood carving tools first. These sets include different knives, from your hook carving knife and your whittling knife to several other knives that will help you work on those intricate details on your wood.

Still, you have to make sure that these knives are ergonomic and sharp because that’s the only way to get amazing results. Alternatively, you can always invest in a versatile OTF knife that’s going to help you do all of these things, but this solution is more cost-effective and you won’t use that much space in your new tool chest. You’ll be surprised with different DIY projects you can do and how they can transform any space and help you save some money by being creative and handy.

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Table saw


Some people are fans of miter saws, some love using power saws, while others prefer circle saws, but the fact is that none of the options are as effective as a table saw. This is the most stable, organized, and secure option for all those who love to spend their time cutting wood and turning it into something cool and valuable. Whether we’re talking about plywood, long boards, or something else, you need to make sure that your table saw is powerful enough to help you do your job – or you’ll just have to use the old-school hand saw, and that’s not the easiest choice you can make!

Also, when you’re shopping for a table saw, don’t be afraid to invest a bit more money because more expensive models are usually more precise, stable, and durable, and those are the things we’re all looking for when buying a table saw. Also, you’ll have more different options of operating the saw because there are some models that can provide multiple options that are worth the higher price, especially for beginners.

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This is another crucial tool you’re going to need if you want to take your DIY skills to the next level. Sanders come in all shapes, sizes, and price tags, so make sure you find the most expensive model you can afford without going broke. If possible, choose a cordless sander because using it is easier and simpler if you don’t have to worry about the cord. This is going to make all your projects with wood perfect and it’s going to keep your surfaces smooth and ready for paint.

That’s why you should also have enough sand paper as well, and don’t forget to invest in different kinds of paper because different grits suit different surfaces and you can never know which one you’ll need. When it comes to the quality, always pay a bit extra because that way you will prevent the paper from breaking and damaging the wood or even your sander.

In addition to these tools, you’ll always need lots of smaller tools around as well – your wrenches, screwdrivers, measuring tapes, paint brushes, hammers, pliers, and cutters – so don’t forget these either. Finally, invest some money in protective equipment as well, and keep in mind that your safety gloves and goggles are there to help you finish all your DIY projects safely and without jeopardizing your health.


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