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With a growing population of less than 100,000 and variety of homes to choose from, New Westminster is an area you would enjoy living in.

Around 1958, New Westminster was the metropolis of British Columbia, and hence it is also the oldest town in the western side of Canada. It occupied that position for awhile but later was surpassed only once by Vancouver. Right now New Westminster is considered one of the more prominent cities and a place more and more people are making it their home. There are more restaurants coming up, the hills are easy to walk on and the convenient commuter trains make it easy to move from one location to another. Let’s delve on why more people are choosing to settle in New Westminister.

Ideal for Young families and People who are starting out.

The District school takes in children from all age brackets. They have a nationally recognized school system and also offer to pick and drop the children during school sessions.

There are various activities for families during the weekends and holidays. You can take a walk on New Westminster Quay located on the right side of the Frase River. Learn about the river’s history as you sail on a Paddlewheeler Riverboat.

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The Glenbrook Ravine Trail and the Pier Part at the Westminster are great places for families who want to go on nature trails.

The restaurants offer mouthwatering cuisines such as delicacies from Thai, Vietnamese, Greek and Italian. Some restaurants like the Wild Thyme, Thai New West and Longtail Kitchen have a four star ranking on Google. For the lovers of Italian and Greek food, Piva Modern Italian and Taverna Greka all inside the town offer excellent foods and beverages.
For those who enjoy arts, theatre and great performances there is a Circus and performances hub at Anvil. They are great and enjoyable venues.

You can also check Ludica games and Pizza point. There is also a Movie theatre complex for fil lovers.

For groceries, fish and poultry meat, shop at the City Farmers’ Market which is situated in Tippery Park. Apart from free range poultry and fresh sea food, they also have spices, vegetables, baked goods among others.

Convenient Sky Trains

It is very easy to move around New Westminster because of its five sky trains which have stations in Sapperton, Columbian new Westminster, Braid and 22nd Street. From the Columbia terminal you can also head to the own of Lougheed and also get to Surray on the eastern side. These terminals are conveninetly located and you can get to the heart of New Westminster in less than 40 minutes. There are also houses located within a walking distance from the train terminals making the town accessible compared to Vancouver.

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The Neighborhoods

The houses are eleganat and have a rich history. You can see the contrast with the current houses which are cookiecutters. Individual neighbourhoods have unique characters. Whether you choose to take a leisure walk or exercise your dog, the recreation grounds, outdoor pools are well maintained. Sapperton and Uptown are especially fun places to take a walk. The New WestMinster Realtors can give you more comprehensive information that would certainly suit your needs.


The houses in Westminster are expansive in terms of design, how old they are and how much they cost. There are houses in Queen Park which were built as far back before the 19th century while the town of Sapperton has bungalows that came in the middle of the century. In Heights you find the current style homes and the West End has a mixture of all the three.

Houses at Queen Park are a favorite so the prices are on the higher side. There are also oither appealing homes in Glensbrooke Northand Massey Heights in terms of size which come second to Queen Park. To get a home costing much lower than the ones in Port Moody, Burnaby, Vancouver and Coquitlam, check Sapperton and Uptown.

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On the Northern side of Fraser River, the houses are scattered throughout the city.There is also an expansion of townhouses in Glensbrooke, Uptown and Fraserview. Town houses are scarce in the larger New Westminster but Queensborough has plenty of them. Though young families are drawn by the houses in Fraserview which have ample space, they are out of bounds for anyone with a child.There is an expectation of more townhouses for young families being built because the current ones cannot meet the demand.

Condos are dominant in New Westminster and are mostly a great choice for people looking to down size after their children have left home and also those buying a home for the first time.

Compared to Burnaby, New Westminster is economical. It is also convenient to get to the business centre of a Vancouver through a 30 minute ride. However, not all condos are the same size. For those who are down sizing, they have an option of settling for a bigger condo which are found along the Quay area facing the Fraser River, where they can also take a stroll to the River Market. For the seniors, there are condos in the Uptown areas which are a mixture of classical and contemporary. Their neighbourhoods are excellent for walks.

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Victoria Hill which is situated in down town on the Northestern side is also great locality with its recreation grounds and the dense green vegetation. The prices are competent for the contemporary condos and townhouses, in comparison to others in the nearby cities. Victoria Hill is suitable for people of all age group.
The residents of New Westminster consider the city relatively safe at night and the police are also at and to cater for any emergencies.

People who have lived or are living in New Westminster find it awesome. There are a lot of places to eat, the eclectic mix of art while retaining the deep history. There are a variety of festivals throughout the year such as May Day which is basically a colonial homage to the queen.

Though some places are hilly, they are walkable. The parks are also well maintained and the outdoor pools are superb in the summer.There are also more condos coming up as young people who cannot stay in Vancouver move into the area.

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