6 Reasons to Use Polished Plaster Finishes as Part of Your Interior Design

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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 No matter the size of your home, there are various decorative accents that you can use to accentuate the looks. Walls play an integral role in your home and should form part of your interior décor and design. Are you seeking to plaster your walls to enhance the look of your home interiors? This will improve the look of your home and still fills in the gaps to provide a smoother look. 

 Why should polished plaster form part of my interior décor?

1. Glossy surfaces

There are different plaster styles, and polished plaster trends keep on changing. However, the grade of marble powder used ensures a smooth surface and glossy sheen no matter your plaster choice. This creates a mirror-like appearance creates a beautiful contrast between light and shade, leading to a more elaborate style.

2. Easy to clean

No one loves scrubbing for hours, and I presume you also don’t. If you’re such a homeowner, polished plaster walls might be a get choice for your home. Unlike painted surfaces, a polished plaster finish is easy to clean and highly durable. A simple wipe will leave your walls glittering. Moreover, polished plaster doesn’t trap moisture under the surface, which can be an issue with other finishes.

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3. Durability

Polished plaster is favorite among many, thanks to its durability. The walls will hold the color for long with no traces of peeling or fading. The key ingredients are fine plasters, lime putty, and marbles which hold the colors together to bring out versatility in the final look.

Again, polished plaster is different from vinyl and wallpaper. It won’t stain or tear even when exposed to water or extreme weather. The finish can be waterproof and creates a long-lasting look without chipping off.

4. Timeless

 Polished plaster is timeless and will transform the look of your home for good. The glossy finish eliminates the need to paint your walls but still ensures a smooth surface. You can use it to give your rooms a quick lift and maintain a fresh appearance in your entire home.

5. Environmentally friendly

 Polished plaster features natural and non-hazardous ingredients and provides optimal air quality. 

Installing such a plaster as part of your décor is a way of going green and safeguarding the environment. It will positively impact your energy costs by adding layers of insulation to your home. And this improves the efficiency of your heating systems and air conditioner.

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6. Cost-effectiveness

All beautiful things come with a price tag, which is why most people shy away from considering polished plaster walls. This isn’t the case, though! In case of imperfections that require patching, you can repair your walls with minimal costs since you won’t have to replace a significant portion of the wall. 

You’ll get different plaster finishes in most companies, making it easy to choose what suits your budget. Also, its durability is something worth mentioning and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

In summary, polished plaster looks astounding in any home. It’s enhanced by the addition of additives like black volcanic sand or crushed terracotta. Al, there are multiple colors to choose from, allowing you to create that stylish finish.

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