A Guide To Use Native Plants in your Yard Landscapes

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Native plants are the best way to a stable, low-maintenance, stress-free and beautiful garden as they ornately embellish the edges and interiors in your yard landscape. If you are looking to redo your current yard landscape or adding a new dimension to your garden, native plants are the way to go.

You can enjoy the aesthetic appeal of native plants and get one opting for a mail order nursery that can deliver the plants to your doorstep without any hassle.

They make for a staple inclusion in your landscape and have it all – elegance, environmental benefits, visual interests, and growing popularity.

When everything else fails, it’s best to go native! Here’s why:

The Buzz about Native Plants

Native plants provide several surprising benefits:

Fewer Fertilizers

Besides the fact that native plants add plenty of visual appeal to your yard and garden, they supply other great benefits. Once planted, they get to work immediately and need limited use for fertilizer, pesticides or other chemicals to nurture them.

Less water

Additionally, they even consume 60% less water. Native plants have deep root systems that tend to store more water, reduce runoff and control flooding. This is why native plants are usually added as a borderline for common yard areas. Hence, there is no need to tire out your sprinklers or drag out your hose anymore.

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Peaceful Co-existence

Moreover, they provide a safe haven for wildlife, including essential pollinators. They are also beneficial for the growth of other plants in your garden. Sit back and relax, as the stunning flora and fauna flourishes by your yard filled with breath-taking natural scenery complimented with butterflies and birds that become constant visitors.

Spend Less Time on Maintenance

There’s no need for periodical mowing, raking, watering and trimming as these plants need no delicate care or excessive upkeep. They even suppress weeds. With a higher survival rate, they are pretty much tied to the soil and survive in most local climatic conditions, plus they self-seed.

Safe Choice

Native plants are a safe choice for you, your family, neighbors, and pets since the less use of chemicals translates to cleaner runoff and safer water supplies.

How to Use Native Plants in a Yard Landscape?

As you plan your landscape or garden, it’s vital to follow nature’s lead and opt for the right mix of plants that can be easily ordered from the comfort of your home at a mail order nursery. Consider what percentage can be used for native plants and get started:

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Small Landscape Styling

Landscapes that lack in space don’t have to lack in substance. Make the best use of the garden space with a few native plants here and there. The best locations for native plants are a sidewalk strip, front porch, corner, and mailbox.

It’s also recommended to use them as part of informal edges for effective maintenance and organizing meadow. Opt for vivid colors and hues of native plants that come with all shapes and sizes. Arrange the layout with tall plants at the back and work your way down to short sizes as you approach the front.

Designing a Large Landscape

On the other hand, with a large landscape, you have more flexibility to work with the vast space. However, with greater flexibility comes greater challenges of choosing the native plants. Map your landscape and consider adding native plants accordingly.

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Utilize your front yards, meadows, and prairies to show off your exquisite variety of native plants. They are sure to provide you with a great variety of diversity and color. Ensure that they are the right plants for your soil type. Some varieties thrive in alkaline soil and some like acidic, so choose the right type from a reliable nursery.

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Before planting them, ensure eliminating weeds. In the early stage of growth, keep the soil moist so that it has the right level of nutrients for the native plants to thrive.

Once the plants start blooming, it becomes very easy to maintain your garden with native plants.

From trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers, shop for an extensive range of native plants for your landscape at a specialized mail order nursery you can trust. All in all, native plants easily tick off every box when it comes to their massive benefits, support of local ecology, ease of maintenance and a wide variety of choices, making it an evergreen crowd favorite. Whether it’s small or big, make your landscape dance with joy and get to planting!


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