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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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People keep their homes in a way that reflects their values and tastes. Some furnish their home with practical furniture that looks handsome enough and doesn’t cost a lot of money. Others prefer antiques and art that look stately.

There’s no wrong way to do it when it’s your home! But one thing everybody agrees on is that a home needs to be pest-free, or it feels like a type of violation has occurred. Let’s check out what the best pest-control experts do to eliminate an infestation or prevent one from occurring.

Expert Knowledge

Most people don’t have a huge amount of knowledge of pest species. They know they’re gross, and that’s about it!

Leading experts like those at GreenLeafPestControl.com know the diets and tendencies of every type of pest species. They won’t have to guess what type of traps or baits will work — they know, and they’ll get it done quickly and effectively.

They can even identify the type of infestation you have on your hands by signs you may not read much significance into. From chew marks to holes rubbed smooth from gnawing, they’ll put the clues together and come up with the right response based on the type of unwelcome visitor you have on the premises.

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Strong and Safe Chemicals

If you go to the corner store for some pest control chemicals, you’ll get a generic treatment you can find anywhere. In contrast, leading pest control experts use custom solutions they tap into their in-depth knowledge to create.

You won’t be able to find such solutions anywhere else. Commercially available pest control sprays and treatments will definitely kill a few creepy-crawly friends, but they won’t uproot the infestation at the source.

Anybody who has ever opened a cupboard drawer and found pests knows how haunting the feeling can be — will they still be there when you open the door next time? The answer will be no if you use a custom spray created by experts.

The ingredients should be approved by Health Canada, so you know they’re safe for any pets and the environment. Eliminating pests is excellent, but you don’t want to create a new problem downstream.

Pre-emptive Pest Protection

The only thing better than eliminating a pest infestation is preventing one from occurring. Leading pest control experts offer proactive protection in the form of Home Protection Plans. Here’s how they work.

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The pest control expert will visit your home and inspect the premises for any signs of pests. If there are any, they’ll uproot the infestation. They’ll also scour the site for signs of any attractants, then eliminate them.

Leading experts use a custom spray to keep would-be rodents and pests away. They’ll return to the site to ensure it works and will happily eliminate any pests on the odd chance the treatment wasn’t 100% successful.

What you do under your own roof is up to you. No two homes are exactly alike in terms of style or attitude. Keeping pests away is something we can still agree on, so keep the above tips in mind.

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