Bringing your Newborn Safely from the Hospital: A go-to guide 

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Your pregnancy is over, whew! But, now you have a newborn baby that is ready to come home. How exciting! Whether your baby is ready to come home from the hospital right away or arrives later, this is a major event that is worth preparing for. You and your partner should do some prep work to make sure you’re comfortable and ready for this new chapter in your lives. 

We are here to provide you with the perfect go-to guide for the homecoming of your little one! Follow along to hear our advice for the big day!

Leaving the hospital

The hospital should take care of everything that is necessary to ensure your baby is ready to come home. Mainly, the health of your newborn. If there happens to be any complications, the hospital may hold your baby for longer to guarantee he or she arrives healthy and happy. The physician who has seen your baby will send them home if they are ready to go, so no worries in that case!

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Driving them home!

Moms-to-be sometimes pack clothes for the trip home from the hospital before hand, something comfortable and warm if needed. Additionally, you will need to plan clothes for your baby too. Something similar to you, comfortable and cozy. The most important trip for the drive home is the safety of your baby. Ensure that your car is protected, you can buy auto insurance online if you recently got a new family-style car.

Most importantly, you will want to purchase a car seat, which is required ( by law) to take your baby home. It may seem obvious, but never put the car seat in the front of your car, it must be adjusted to one of the back seats. There are two types of car seats you can purchase, infant only, or convertible seats that accommodate both infants and older children. Whatever your choice is, make sure it is secured before- hand in the car you are going to drive home!

While you are shopping for the car seat, it is not a bad idea to look for blankets or a stroller to guarantee you can transfer the baby safely in and out of the car– especially if they fall asleep.

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First-time Jitters

Whether this is your first baby, or you’ve had the pleasure of already being a parent, it is normal to be tired, anxious, and overwhelmed. Biggest thing to do is take a deep breath! Especially for moms, giving birth can make you feel physically drained. If you have other children you may also feel stressed about introducing the baby to them and making them feel comfortable.

Don’t be hard on yourself during this time period, as there is a lot going on with a newborn. Remember, that your newborn will cry a lot in the beginning. Be prepared for potentially hours of crying or having to wake up to tend to the baby in the middle of the night. If you have a partner or family member that is assisting you with the baby, try to plan a schedule so that you can still get a fair amount of sleep. 

Life at Home

If you have older children, hopefully you have prepared them to understand they are going to be a big brother or sister. It is common for siblings to be jealous and confused when they have someone new in the family. They may also need time to cope and understand that you will be giving the new baby a lot of attention now– which they may not be used to. 

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If you have a pet, some people say you should expose the baby’s scent onto a blanket or other item to get them used to it. However, be sure to never leave the baby alone with the pet. 

Hopefully, you have set up a nursery and breastfeeding items beforehand, so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. Eventually, the child will need their own room or perhaps share a room with a sibling, so this is also something to consider. 

Family and Friends

I’m sure your family and friends will be very excited and eager with your good news. However, it is important that you take all the time you need before introducing anyone new to the baby. It may feel like you want to please others by answering their messages and sending them pictures of your baby, but its important to take care of yourself first! As parents, there is a lot going on during this time. 

Don’t be afraid to accept visitors slowly. Babies may also become obehwlemed with too many people around– so try to set up dates for each person so there’s no crowding.

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Overall, be kind to yourself during this time and enjoy the newborn, time goes by fast!

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