Eco-Conscious Ways to Save Money Every Month

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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It can’t be denied that we’re living through financially trying times. Between utility costs, property upkeep and various other incidental expenses, it’s a wonder that many of us have anything left to put away at the end of the month. Fortunately for eco-conscious households, there are a number of ways for families to conserve their financial resources while reducing their carbon footprint. So, if you’re ready to save some money while doing right by the planet, put the following measures into practice.  

Avoid Driving Whenever Possible

Depending on where you’re based, automobiles may be the only practical form of conveyance. For example, if you live in a rural area, you may need to drive for an extended period in order to reach grocery stores, restaurants and other centers of commerce. On the flipside, if you reside in a large town or major metropolitan area in which essential services can be reached by means other than automobiles, you may want to consider how often you use your vehicle.

For example, if a business you wish to patronize is located within easy walking or biking distance from your home, why not give the car a break and get some fresh air? Not only will rethinking your driving habits help you save money on fuel, it stands to provide you with some first-rate exercise. 

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Invest in Energy-Efficient Doors and Windows

As any homeowner can confirm, heating and cooling an entire residence can consume a significant amount of a household’s financial resources. Furthermore, excessive air conditioner use isn’t exactly good for the environment. (Of course, depending on how hot your neck of the woods gets, cranking up the A/C may be the best course of action.) 

Additionally, unbeknownst to many people, quite a bit of air escapes homes through doors and windows, regardless of whether or not they’re open. This stands to increase your heating costs throughout the fall and winter months and your cooling costs throughout the spring and summer. Excessive amounts of escaped air can also put your heating and cooling system through its paces. The more rapidly air escapes, the harder heaters and air conditioners have to work to account for the change in temperature. 

This is where energy-efficient doors and windows can come in handy. These doors and windows are composed of much thicker materials than standard doors and windows, ensuring that they’re well-equipped to minimize escaped air and relieve your central air system of some of its burden. Although energy-efficient doors and windows tend to cost more than their less resilient counterparts, the amount you’ll save in heating and cooling costs should prove well worth the short-term financial setback.      

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Sign up For a Local Library Card

These days, we have so many entertainment options at our fingertips that it can seem overwhelming. However, very few of these options are free or eco-friendly. So, if you’ve been looking to conserve your entertainment budget while doing your part for the Earth, consider signing up for a local library card. Library cards can be obtained free of charge and give you the ability to borrow a vast array of books, movies, video games and other forms of media at no personal cost. Libraries are also conducive to reduced consumption, as they endlessly reuse the various items they house instead of purchasing multiples. 

Use Water Filters

In addition to being a waste of money, bottled water is bad for the environment. The plastic bottles this water comes in create needless waste, and anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint would do well to consider water filters. As the name suggests, water filters remove various impurities from tap water, thereby making it much safer to consume – and that’s just one of many practical water filter benefits!

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 Save Money Every Month

At this point, only willfully deluded individuals can deny the existence of climate change and the effects it’s having on the entire planet. Although corporations and government bodies need to be responsible for enacting the large-scale changes that need to be made, there are a number of ways for individual households to do right by the environment and avoid making a bad situation even worse. As an added bonus, getting serious about eco-consciousness stands to save you a considerable sum. Anyone looking to preserve the planet – and their household finances – should take the previously discussed pointers to heart.  

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