Here Are Some Fantastic Ideas To Give Your Splash Deck Character

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The splash deck around your fibreglass pool is where you come to relax. Maybe you enjoy lounging by your pool on a hot summer’s day, or maybe you simply enjoy watching over your family, as they have fun in the pool. The splash deck is a space where you have free creative reign to decorate as you please.

By adding flora and fauna, seating, and even shady groves to your splash deck, you can make the space livelier and more welcoming. Here is everything you should know about decorating your splash deck:

1. Add Greenery and Landscaping

If you want to turn your splash deck into a welcoming space, then vibrant greenery can be just what you’re looking for. From adding lush green carpets of grass around your splash deck to adding a few inviting trees that cast shades over your fibreglass pool – there is a lot you can do with landscaping.

You can add flowers as well, and let them add bright touches of colour to your splash deck. To truly turn your splash deck into an immersive environment, together with the greenery, consider adding fragrant flowers and plants. These will not only add colour, but allow you to indulge in the sweet scents of the season as you lounge in your splash deck. Your Melbourne Pool Builder is able to help you with some aspects of landscaping, should you choose to go down that way!

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If you don’t like working with or maintaining greenery, then there’s a lot you can work with as well. Opt for hardier plants, like succulents, that don’t have to be cared for as often. Greenery adds a lot of character to any splash deck, and they change with the seasons as well.

2. Opt for Shady Groves

Creating shady spaces in your splash deck area can help protect you and your family from the harsh rays of the sun. You can also protect yourself from harmful UV rays as well. Shady groves can be created with the help of large trees, whose branches cascade to form shade on the ground. But that isn’t the only option you’ve got.

You can also think about adding umbrellas to your splash deck. These are a convenient and budget-friendly way of adding spots of shade to your splash deck. Consider opting for cantilever umbrellas, as these tend to have mobile arms. Their arms are angled as well. This enables you to switch the position of the umbrella to anywhere you need it to go.

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Another way you can add a shady grove to your splash deck is with the help of a sail cloth. Sail cloths add to the enjoyment and fun of spending time in a splash deck. They can be purchased in various colours, shapes and sizes. Opt for one that best matches your personality!

Once you’ve purchased your sail cloth, you’ll then need to hoist it and attach it to beams on your splash deck. Consider opting for HDEP fabric. This is also known as high-density polyethylene fabric, and it is super-effective when it comes to blocking our harmful UV rays from the sun.

3. Ambient Lighting

A great way to instantly change the personality of your splash deck is with the help of ambient lighting. You can opt for LED lights that are energy-efficient. This will help you to save on energy bills as well.

There are many kinds of LED lighting that offer various colours in the same package. You can opt for these lights in order to change the colour of the lights in your splash deck whenever you want. This gives you options and variety when it comes to setting up mood lighting in your splash deck.

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4. Seating and Tables

To turn your splash deck into a comfortable environment where you can relax whenever you want, you’ll need outdoor seating. There are several options available to you, such as lounge chairs or ottomans. You can even get a recliner and spend time sunbathing during the summer. An umbrella right next to your recliner chair will help keep you in the shade, should you want it.

In case you have kids, consider placing your outdoor seating in a way where you have a clear view of whatever they are doing in your fibreglass pool area. This helps you to keep a watchful eye out for them and keep them safe.

You can also think about adding a few tables to your splash deck area as well. Turn it into a place where you can keep food, drinks, or other things you may bring to your splash deck.

A great way to integrate outdoor chairs and tables into your splash deck is by creating an artificial shade beside your pool. This area can both give you a place to relax, next to your fibreglass pool, and protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun at the same time.

5. Add Pool Toys for Your Children

If you have children, then your fibreglass pool can be a place they love to spend time in. Make their playtime safer and more enjoyable for them by adding to your fibreglass pool. A small pool slide is a great way to add a dose of fun to your splash deck. You can also add other toys that your children may like, such as pool balls and other pool toys.

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Remember to ensure that all the toys you choose are safe for use for children.


With the help of these five great ideas, you can add character and personality to your splash deck. Spruce up the area around your fibreglass pool by adding lush greenery or even a kiddie slide for your children.

Ambient lighting can help you to set various mood lighting in your splash deck without having to worry about your energy bills. You can also think about adding outdoor chairs, as well as tables, to make your splash deck an inviting and welcoming place for everyone in the family. These five helpful tips on how to give your splash deck more character are everything you need to turn your splash deck into a vision of your personal paradise.

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