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Heather Jones
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House repairs are a common occurrence in every homeowner’s life. These days, you can find a how-to guide and video to complete any house repair project on your own. While there is no denying that these guides are helpful, there are some projects that you should not attempt to do yourself unless you are a professional. Undertaking such complicated projects can lead to unnecessary errors and further problems. Here are some repairs and projects that are best left for the professionals


Roofing is a labor-intensive job that should only be done by roof professionals. An unkempt DIY roofing job will only make your roof look uneven and lower your house’s curb appeal. Personal injury from working at a height on a roof is also a possibility. Roofing can often be a time-sensitive job. Hiring a professional roof contractor will ensure that it gets done on time and properly. 

Window repairs

Window repairs have little room for error. You might find it difficult to find the exact repair and replacement resources for your windows. The windows found in your local hardware shops are not always the right ones. You don’t want to install the wrong windows, only for them to need to be replaced again. Hence, consider hiring a professional glass company such as vanisleglass.com to undertake this project and ensure that your new windows are made from high-quality materials.  

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While you can repair something small like a leaky faucet, it is not recommended that you undertake extensive projects such as installing or repairing a water heater or a sewage tank. Many big plumbing projects usually need permits. An improper job can later lead to leaks and flooding, which would mean paying for the plumbing and the water damage in the rest of your home. A job done by a professional plumber will assure you of no such accidents happening. 

Wall-to-wall carpeting

Installing flooring may seem to be a simple task as many homeowners are used to self-adhesive tiles. However, wall-to-wall carpeting is a whole new game. It requires large materials that are difficult to source, cut, and lay out. It is best to let the professionals do this job. 

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is often found in old building materials. It is recognized as a health hazard and should be treated carefully. Hence, it is crucial not to undertake the removal project yourself. Certified professionals will have the right gear and know-how to remove asbestos without causing any harm. 

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Pool installation and repair

Installing a swimming pool is a major project to undertake. Not only will it require hours of labor, but this type of home project also entails specific equipment, manpower, and proper training. In addition, you also need to secure the correct permit and go through with an inspection process. It is ideal to leave this task for the professionals to save you from unwanted stress and ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. A professional swimming pool contractor can guide you throughout the whole endeavor and prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Besides hiring a pool contractor, it is also best if you seek the help of professional pool cleaners to maintain your swimming pool. Remember that the chemicals in your swimming pool need to be balanced so that the pool will be safe to use. Doing this task by yourself can lead to potential problems, so make sure to call a professional to ensure that the job is done properly. 

Electrical works

Electrical jobs are house projects that only a trained and licensed professional should do. Regardless of how simple the task may be, you should never attempt to handle any home projects that deal with electricity. From rewiring a light fixture, fixing your porch light, to dealing with a tripping breaker, and replacing a dead outlet, it is highly crucial that you contact an electrician for your electrical needs. In addition, most wiring or electrical projects require a permit, and in some cases, an inspection is also needed, so make sure you leave these tasks to the professionals. 

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Structural changes

Any structural changes you make to your home can significantly affect its entire foundation. As a result, it is critical that you don’t take on these projects without the help of a professional. Whether you plan to add a balcony, create a room extension, knock down the walls, or install a new deck, hiring a licensed and experienced contractor is necessary. In addition, structural changes may require specific permits to ensure that the changes comply with the zoning ordinances. Aside from hiring a contractor, remember to consult with a legal professional before making any structural changes to your home. 

Major landscaping projects

While undertaking minor landscaping projects is perfectly harmless, giving your backyard a total makeover is an entirely different story. Remember that landscaping updates can be expensive and time-consuming. If you want your outdoor project to boost your curb appeal, then it must be done correctly. Instead of taking on the landscaping remodeling on your own, it would be best to invest in professionals to ensure that you can efficiently amplify your backyard’s charm without the unnecessary hassle. 

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Appliance repair

Repairing a broken appliance on your own just so you can save money may not be a great idea. Not only can it be dangerous, but it can further damage your appliance. Have your appliances checked and repaired by an experienced professional and never attempt to fix them, no matter how minor the problem seems to be. If your machines are still under warranty, repairing them single-handedly might void the warranty. 

Home repair and renovation projects should be a combination of do-it-yourself and professional work. You should be aware of the tasks you can and cannot do efficiently. If you believe that you are not skilled enough to finish a home improvement project, the best thing you can do is to leave this responsibility in the hands of a professional. Remember that most professionals can also inspect the home’s condition and detect other prominent issues that can cause future problems. 

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