How Does a Perfect Leaf Rake Look?

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Leaf rakes are easy-to-use tools for cleaning backyards during autumn. They can also be used to prepare the soil for watering, fertilizing, and sowing new seeds in spring. How to choose the best option for you? If you know all the features the leaf rake can have, it will be much easier to understand what you need. Check out the best leaf rake comprehensive guide below. 

What to Consider While Choosing a Leaf Rake?

The most significant characteristics to consider:

  • material;
  • dimensions;
  • weight.

Besides,the type of the leaf rake you need depends on the type of work you do. 

Length of the handle

When you’re working with the leaf rake, it should have comfortable dimensions. If it’s too long or too small, the yard cleaning won’t be pleasant. So, you should choose the length of the handle according to your height. Usually it varies from 50 to 70 inches. However, some models allow you to adjust the handle length. It’s a perfect option if several people are going to clean the yard. 

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Width of the rake

Larger rake width allows you to grab more leaves at a time. As a result, you can gather all of them in a shorter time. But if you have a small yard, there is no need for a large leaf rake. It can be a little inconvenient to use. The one with smaller width makes the maneuvering easier, so you can get to the hard-to-reach places. 


The rake weight usually depends on the size and material. The plastic or aluminum tools are the most lightweight. If you choose a metal rake, it will be a little heavier. However,  leaf rakes don’t weigh a lot because there is only a handle and a rake in most cases. The instrument’s weight is about 1.5-3 pounds. 


As it was noted before, a rake can be made of plastic. It’s not recommended to choose such models, except for cases when you need to get rid of small leaves. If you want a lightweight tool, the aluminum one will be the best choice. But the rakes made of fiberglass or steel are the most durable. They don’t rust, and they are hard to break. 

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Type of work

If you clean the yard from sturdy leaves and sticks, you should choose a metal tool with a larger rake width. But if you collect small debris and leaves, it’s better to purchase a smaller rake made of lightweight material. 

Choose a Perfect Leaf Rake in Few Steps

As you see, it’s not quite difficult to choose a rake for the backyard. You just need to consider what type of work you do. Then, you can pick up the needed material, handle length, rake width, and weight. You should not worry because one leaf rake can be designed for various work types. So, if you follow the guide, you will make the right choice. 

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