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Relocating your entire life is no small task. Sure, it may sound exciting and adventurous at first. But you may wonder if it’s worth the effort as you sit amidst piles of bubble wrap and half-taped cardboard boxes. That’s why you want to prepare well in advance before you start the actual moving process. Use a few of the tips and tricks on this list to reduce the stress of your upcoming relocation.

1. Do Your Research Ahead of Time

While this advice may seem obvious at first, you’d be surprised how many people forgo doing proper, thorough research. Because it’s simple to spend a week or two living somewhere else, fall in love with it, and fantasize about moving there. It’s another beast to exist there as a denizen, paying taxes, navigating traffic, and adapting to cultural norms.

For example, do you want to move somewhere more tropical to soak in the sun near your house on the beach? Are you ready to fend off Malaria-ridden mosquitoes as the sea level rises year over year? No? Well, you could always move to the city instead. Just make sure you’re prepared for the week-long block party outside your apartment window every summer.

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Figure out what the real pain points of your target destination are. Join forums, Facebook or Discord groups and find people discussing what it’s like to actually live somewhere. Calculate the cost of groceries every month and get a home insurance quote. Do thorough research ahead of time to get a solid grasp on where you’re considering moving before you pull the trigger.

2. Declutter Your Life

The further you move away, the more challenging that move can be. A longer move risks more opportunities to lose or break precious belongings. In fact, 17% of 1000 survey respondents who moved in 2022 reported that items went missing. On top of that, 19% wished they got rid of more stuff. One solution to this issue? Declutter ahead of time.

Take the chance to leave some things behind just as the hermit crab abandons its old shell in search of a new one. Keep your essentials and any items that “spark joy.” Sell, donate, or otherwise dispose of anything that’s just dead weight or purely sentimental.

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Getting rid of some items in your collection may take an emotional toll on you. But keep in mind that this can be a cathartic process — one that prepares you for the next chapter ahead. Don’t think of it as losing something, but rather as shedding excess to grow into the next phase of your life.

3. Pack an Essentials Box

The relocation process isn’t magically over once you arrive in your new place. Because now you’ve actually got to unpack everything and set up your new life. The amount of time it takes to unpack can vary greatly. It depends on how efficiently you packed, how much you decluttered before, and how busy you are once you arrive. Even in the best cases, anticipate that it will take about a full week to get everything unboxed and in place.

During that week you’re going to need some things more than others: clothes, towels, office supplies, kids’ toys, etc. Unpacking hastily can make the process more confusing and difficult. So rather than rip open box after box looking for what you need, pack one with essentials.

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An essentials box is just what it sounds like. It’s filled with things you’ll need for your first few days after moving. In addition to the above, this may include toiletries, medications, important documents, kitchen supplies, and more. Keep this box on hand as you move so you have everything you need to make unpacking much smoother.

4. Take a Vacation

So you’re feeling anxious about all the boxing and unboxing in your life. Destress your next move by turning your relocation into a vacation. Compliment that essentials box with a suitcase and you’re ready to enjoy your new life to the fullest.

The first and most obvious way to turn your move into vacation is to actually take a vacation. This vacation doesn’t even necessarily have to be near your new place. For example, if you’re moving from the east coast out west, why not skip the plane, rent a uHaul, and drive cross-country? Or take the plane and head to the Caribbean for a week before flying to your new home? Give yourself some mental space before heading to your new place.

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Alternatively, approach your move with the vacation mindset by reframing your new local area as a destination. Research restaurants, art galleries, tourist attractions, and other points of interest ahead of time. Move in as an explorer curious to see what’s around every street corner. Turn the move itself into a payoff for all the work you’ve done in preparation for it.

Get Creative

Many people see moving as an obstacle that gets in the way of them living somewhere new. But this approach takes away a lot of the potential of the move itself. So open your mind to what relocating can be! Take the opportunity to trim the fat from your life and go somewhere new, both in the world and within yourself. Change your mindset and your tactics to destress your relocation and transform it into an unforgettable experience.

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