How To Start A Cleaning Business

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Most people find it hard to clean their clothes and homes, which has contributed to the increased number of cleaning businesses today. A cleaning business can be a full-time and rewarding job, and it requires careful thinking and planning. 

Fortunately, cleaning businesses require a small up-front fee compared to other businesses. This business also picks up almost immediately as cleanliness is necessary for all of us. There is always demand for cleaning services, and below, we discuss how you can open a cleaning business.

Clean Yourself Initially

Most people are tempted to begin with staffing when starting a house cleaning company, but this is not advisable. However, the best way to kickstart your cleaning career is by doing part of the cleaning yourself. Cleaning will help you to know more about the business operations before you begin operating it from afar.

You can also get your first clients by requesting referrals from friends and relatives. Committing to cleaning your first client’s items will help minimize unnecessary costs; you can pay yourself a good amount instead of investing huge sums in hiring new staff. 

Business owners who handle cleaning themselves also receive positive reputations and have total control over their business image. 

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Create a Reasonable Budget

Most potential business owners wonder whether they can start this job with no money, and the answer is no. However, it might be less expensive than you assume. Handling most cleaning jobs alone will enable you to save more funds.

It is advisable to come up with a budget for your enterprise which entails equipment replacement and payroll costs. First-time business owners should also set aside enough insurance and tax funds to keep operations smooth after opening.  

You should start by aiming for an hourly wage and determine your estimated taxes to prepare yourself for seamless business operations. 

Choose the Cleaning Equipment

It will also help to consider the type of cleaning franchise you require to start a cleaning enterprise. All beginning businesses need spray bottles, cleaning solutions, and scrubbers, and you should include them in your budget. 

Business owners should consider the type of products they will buy, how they will prevent cross-examination in different client homes, and have a clear plan when buying equipment. 

Choose a Name for Your Company

Startups must have a brand name that distinguishes them from their competitors. Choosing your company’s name should be an enjoyable process; you can put your name or play with words to come up with the best name.

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Your business’s title should; 

  • Not be in use
  • Describe the company properly
  • Read well and sound good
  • Easy to remember and spell. 

Business owners should research various names online when choosing a name for their business to determine the most unique one. 

Setup Proper Licensing

The next step after choosing a business name should be registering it to prevent others from using it. Registration requirements vary from state to state, meaning you should ensure you follow all set ordinances.

Every business requires a license to function legally, primarily if you use a name that is not yours. The most common business licensing includes sole proprietorships and limited liability corporations. 

Remember, LLC lowers liability but puts the organization’s assets on the line. However, sole proprietorships keep your items at risk if the enterprise is not profitable. 


It goes without saying that marketing plays a significant role in your business’ success. Business owners should file the correct permits after choosing a name for their business. Marketing your cleaning business can range from spreading information through word of mouth to using various social media pages. 

You might consider printing fliers advertising your marketing services or starting an email or website campaign to spread the word. It will also help to use your first clients, as they can get you more referrals. 

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Prioritize Your Clients

Cleaning is simple; you eliminate dirt and ensure surfaces are shiny. However, it would help if you put customer needs first in this setup to succeed. You should always be available for your clients and respond on time. 

All businesses require effective communication with their clients to handle your organization’s technical side. Tools like phone service and voicemail can help your organization to reach more people, primarily at the initial stages. 

Be Organized with the Latest Cleaning Software

Technology is constantly evolving, and the cleaning sector has not been left behind. Filling permits and handling house cleaning tasks can take up much of your time as a business owner. However, besides looking after your clients and restocking supplies, you must also track your budget.

Using the right cleaning software is essential, especially when learning how to run a cleaning business. This software will help you oversee and organize your enterprise less stressfully. Professional cleaning software also helps to improve your brand’s image, which means more sales. 

Choose Your Clientele

Your local demands significantly determine the clientele you choose and provide services to. Competitor research is essential to any business setup, meaning you should study your competitors to know the most in-demand services. 

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Residential cleaning is more straightforward than residential cleaning and usually has more resources at its disposal. Finding the first clients might be daunting, but you should aim for referrals from friends and your first clients. 

Remember, establishing a solid clientele will help you build confidence and attract more customers. The most crucial part of getting and maintaining customers is setting affordable rates and having excellent customer care service. 

Regardless of your preferred model, conducting market research is always an excellent idea to ensure your rates are competitive, especially when starting up. 

Final Thoughts

Many people are opening cleaning companies, and it is hard not to see why. Almost everybody is struggling to conduct their home cleaning, which explains why the cleaning business is booming. Starting this business is relatively cheaper, and you can easily control business operations. 

The above article has discussed how to start a cleaning business, and you can contact us for more information. 

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