Interior Design Trends to Check Out In 2021

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2020 has been a tough year for many people, but the nightmare year is rapidly coming to a close. Soon it’ll be 2021, and many people will be looking to have new beginnings and start off the year on the right foot. One way people are looking to start the year right with is their interior design. Switching up your interior design can do wonders for your home, boosting the mood and atmosphere of the entire place.

Some changes to your home’s interior design could be the perfect way to leave 2020 behind and start fresh! Regardless of whether you’re looking to boost your home’s value before you list it as one of the Memphis houses for sale or are simply looking for a change of pace, you’ll surely find some value in changing up your home’s interior design. So what are the hottest interior design trends that you should be following? Let’s explore the top interior design trends to check out in 2021.

Green Living

One of the biggest interior design trends to watch out for in 2021 is the idea of green living. Global warming and other environmental challenges have been thrust into the spotlight in recent years, and many people are wondering how they can make a difference. One of the main ways people can make an impact is by switching to a much more sustainable lifestyle in terms of interior design.

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This could include switching out outdated appliances for those that are newer and more energy-efficient, or it could mean switching to a form of lighting that is much more environmentally friendly. Many people are becoming more environmentally conscious in recent years, so green living is expected to continue to be a big trend in 2021.

Vertical Storage

A common problem that many people have in their homes is a lack of storage. A lack of storage can be a major problem, causing items to overflow and leading to a lot of clutter. Clutter is something that you want to avoid, as it can make your home appear unkempt and messy. Thankfully, there is a way to add extra storage in your home while also improving your home’s interior design at the same time.

Vertical storage provides you with some extra storage to remove clutter while also removing some of the empty space in your home. Having too much empty space in your home could cause it to feel empty and lonely, which you want to avoid. As a result, storage options like vertical shelving can be a great interior design choice to solve a variety of problems you may face.

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Vintage Pieces

A trend that has been popular in recent years has been the use of vintage pieces in interior design. Vintage pieces are fantastic for a wide variety of reasons. First, you might be able to pick them up for a reasonable price when secondhand shopping. With a little touch-up, they can be a major piece in a room’s interior design. Vintage pieces also have a lot of soul and character, which you can use to add personality to a room. Instead of having a room that is hyper-modern, a vintage piece allows your room to be grounded and have an extra layer. There’s no doubt that interior designers will continue to use vintage pieces in the years to come.

Arts and Crafts

Another very common interior design trend to look out for is the use of arts and crafts. Arts and crafts are great options for interior design for a wide variety of reasons. First, they are simply aesthetically pleasing, really adding a lot to the way a room looks. However, using arts and crafts really adds a touch of personalization to a room as well. You may have created the piece yourself for your room, which is the ultimate act of personalization.

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Even if you didn’t create it yourself, it likely was created by a friend or has a story behind how you got it. Due to their amazing ability to contribute to a room and their personal nature, the use of arts and crafts in interior design will definitely be a major trend in 2021.


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