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The demand for European joinery is constantly increasing due to its high-end quality. But the clients pay attention to the design as well. We are well conscious of it at DAKO, developing modern joinery lines that fit the contemporary interiors and exteriors. Which products from our offer stand out with their modern look?

As a contractor or distributor, sooner or later, you may consider finding a business partner that will provide you with quality products. A partnership secures quick access to a wide variety of joinery, often with a possibility of customization. Without a reliable partner, it’s much harder to acquire new customers and strengthen the relationship with the existing ones.

Becoming a partner of DAKO can be a great way to ensure access to the refined door, window, and gate systems that fit the most modern interiors and exteriors. Before heading to our emblematic lines, we’ll take an opportunity to explain our values when it comes to business.

Our core values

Quality is an essential asset we put emphasis on as door and window producers with an international reach. By selecting the best materials, we create resistant products that last decades. Even with intensive exposure to humidity and ultraviolet rays, they maintain their properties.

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Aside from quality, at DAKO, we pay importance to the design. We observe trends and react to them, but at the same time, we make sure that our products are timeless. Plus, we also ensure the highest security of our systems – in the context of fire safety and robbery prevention.

modern joinery


For clients who search for a modern yet timeless style, this line is a perfect match. Its elements constitute a seamless, carefully refined door system. The client can customize it by choosing the width and height of the components. Contrary to most solutions available on the market, the DA-SkyLine door switches the focus to the views. The solution is relatively new – it was introduced in 2020. However, it has already conquered the international market due to the unique

DA-Skyline in a nutshell:

  • customizable and flexible
  • maximized glassed surface
  • hidden frame
  • improved thermal insulation

Let’s take a closer look at its most emblematic features. This is why the clients may be interested in this line:

  1. The hidden frame allows maximizing the glass surface. That results in a better exposition of the view behind the window. Thus, if the client’s house is located in beautiful surroundings, it’s worth offering them DA-SkyLine. With these doors, the division between the interiors and the exteriors blurs. As a result, the space seems much more spacious. Not to mention that much more light reaches the interiors is much bigger than in the case of the regular door. That also adds some sense of spaciousness.
  2. The frame can be hidden in the walls, floor, and ceiling, depending on the room’s specifics. Aside from exposing the views, such a solution also guarantees the best thermal insulation parameters. As a result, the client doesn’t have to spend that much on heating and air conditioning – the temperature regulates itself.
  3. The client can choose the number of components and define the preferred parameters of the door. They can be as wide as 12 meters and as high as 4 meters! Thus, they will fit perfectly the two-floor rooms. Even with such parameters, the door seems light due to its slender construction.
  4. The client can choose whether the door will open manually or automatically. The drives can be installed in the door frame’s profiles or outside the construction.
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DA-77 series

Aside from DA-SkyLine, DA-77 is our most modern series. It was created with the purpose of maintaining maximum flexibility to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. Aside from this advantage, DA-77 also stands out with its versatility. It will fit both the residential and the commercial buildings.

DA-77 in a nutshell:

  • perfect thermal insulation
  • increased fire safety
  • advanced customization

Choosing DA-77 windows, you can customize various parameters, including the materials, glass type, colors ad textures. The client may pick joinery, but we also offer elements made of PCV and aluminum. When it comes to glass type, there are a few options to choose from, including acoustic glass, energy-saving glass, or anti-theft glass. At the same time, the windows let in 20% more natural light than the traditional models.

DA-77 windows do not have hidden frames, but they still guarantee improved thermal insulation due to the four-chamber profile with thermal spacers. Nowadays, when energy efficiency is such an essential aspect, the clients may be particularly interested in this line.

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The series stands out with its fireproof construction that guarantees increased fire safety. The aluminum profiles have internal chambers and are isolated with an additional layer of protective material.

Become the partner of DAKO

Our emblematic modern series listed above and many others in the offer are fully available for our partners. By joining our network, the company can count on full support in the area of product supply, but also training and marketing.

If you want to join the network, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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