Nail Care After Gel Manicure: How to Care for Nails After a Gel Treatment?

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Beautifully manicured nails are always fun to look at, and there is no doubt that they are a confidence booster. After decades of applying nail polish that lasted only a few days, the gel manicure treatment was developed; the process includes applying a base coat, gel nail polish, and topcoat on each nail. By curing the gel nail polish with a UV or LED lamp, the nail polish strongly adheres to the nails, and the results can last up to 4 weeks. How can you make your gel nail polish last that long? Follow this gel nail care routine at home!

Only go to a professional salon

If you want to get a manicure, you need to go to a licensed and professional nail care salon. Nail treatments should only be given by trained technicians, so you should be careful about which salon you pick. Also, when in the salon, make sure that all the multi-use tools are properly cleaned and sterilized. Unclean tools can lead to bacterial or fungal infections, which could be very difficult to treat. Do not be shy about asking about the technicians’ qualifications. Improper treatment can lead to problems, so you should be certain that you get a quality nail care treatment.

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Choose a shorter length of nails

Nails that are too long tend to break more easily. As a result, the gel nail polish will also break. To prevent this from happening, choose a relatively low nail length. Nail polish that is applied to shorter nails is less likely to chip, so you will enjoy the beautiful results for longer.

Let your nails dry

Yes, the gel nail polish is cured under the lamp. However, you should wait a while before you wash your hands with water. After your gel nail care treatment, you should wait at least three hours before using liquids on your nails. This is key in gel nail care treatment and will make the results last longer.

Use gloves

Excess moisture can damage your nails, and chip away at your nail polish. As part of your post-gel nail care, you should protect your nails from too much water. When you wash dishes, clean your home, or when you need to come in contact with liquids for things aside from washing your hands, you should wear gloves. You can use disposable gloves, or thick multi-use plastic gloves, whenever you need to use liquids.

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Do not peel the nail polish

If you tend to pick your nails when you are nervous – don’t. Try not to peel the gel nail polish – even if is chipping. Picking at gel nail polish ruins the manicure, and it can also harm your natural nails. Gel nail polish is strongly attached to your natural nails; when you peel the polish, you also peel the top layer of your natural nails. This can weaken your nails, and even lead to infections.

Use a cuticle conditioner daily

Yes, it may seem strange to use a cuticle conditioner on nail polish, but you should definitely do it after your gel nail care treatment. A quality cuticle treatment will protect your cuticles, and make your nails grow stronger and healthier. If you are searching for a high-quality product, you cannot go wrong with the TrySprig nail care kit. Winning the title Best Nail Care Kit, the TrySprig products protect both natural and manicured fingernails and toenails. The all-natural cuticle conditioner contains vital minerals, vitamins, and natural oils that strengthen nails with every application. You can use the kit on gel nail polish, and enjoy healthy-looking nails at all times.

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What to do after gel nail polish removal?

Your nails need a break from nail polish from time to time. Whether you apply regular nail polish or a long-lasting gel nail polish, you need to give your nails a breather, from time to time.

Wait at least a week between one gel nail polish treatment to the next, and take care of your nails during this week. Trim your nails, file them, and gently buff the top layer. You should also apply a cuticle conditioner in this nail care week, and make sure to protect your nail as best you can.  

Also, you should use professional-grade nail care products, such as a nail filer and nail buffer. Dull or harsh tools can damage your nails, weaken them, and lead to chipping and breaking. The TrySprig nail care kit includes a four-sided buffer and a professional filer, so you will receive everything you need in one kit.

Bottom line

Gel nail polish is a great way to make nail polish last longer, and it makes nails look great. After your get this treatment, you should care for your nails at home. A quality nail care kit, coupled with a bit of extra caution, will make results last longer, and your nails look great.

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