Problems That Can Surface If You Ignore HVAC Maintenance Requirements

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Keeping the inside of your home cool is probably a luxury you take for granted. The main thing you need to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures is a reliable HVAC unit. Modern HVAC units tend to last a lot longer and work more efficiently. If you want to keep an HVAC unit in pristine shape, realizing the importance of routine maintenance is important.

Some homeowners make the mistake of skipping their annual HVAC tune-up. This mistake will usually come back to haunt you, which is why you need to keep track of the maintenance requirements your unit has. If you consistently skip routine HVAC maintenance, here are some of the problems that can start to surface.

Dirty Air Ducts

On average, homeowners budget around one percent of their home’s total value for annual maintenance costs. If your annual maintenance budget doesn’t include routine HVAC maintenance, it is only a matter of time before problems start to occur. When coming into a home to perform routine maintenance, an HVAC technician will inspect a variety of different components. One of the main things a technician will look at is the condition of the ductwork in a home.

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If the ductwork in your home isn’t cleaned regularly, it is only a matter of time before dirt, dust and pollen start to clog it up. Allowing these substances to remain in your ductwork will not only affect how efficient your HVAC unit is, it can also negatively affect your indoor air quality. Instead of dealing with the problems caused by dirty ducts, you need to work with professionals who can maintain your unit.

Refrigerant Leaks Can Be Disastrous

One of the main things a residential HVAC unit needs to function is the right amount of refrigerant. The refrigerant in your unit removes humidity and moisture from the air from outside. When exposed to this refrigerant, the air your unit draws in from outdoors will be cooled down substantially. Routine HVAC maintenance usually consists of a check of a unit’s refrigerant levels.

However, if this maintenance isn’t performed, refrigerant leaks can leave a homeowner without the ability to cool off the inside of their residence. This can be exceptionally frustrating during the dog days of summer. If you want to stay one step ahead of refrigerant leaks, then you need to view routine maintenance as a worthy investment.

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Clogged Condensation Drain

Dealing with water damage can be a very frustrating and expensive process. Inexperienced homeowners fail to realize just how much moisture their HVAC unit produces. It is the job of the condensation drain to remove this moisture before it enters the ductwork. As time goes by, the risk of this drain line clogging up increases. If you aren’t having your unit maintained regularly, these clogs can go unnoticed for a while.

When this line gets completely clogged, you will have a lot of water to contend with. This is why you need to bring in professionals to maintain your unit and clean your condensation drain if needed.

HVAC System

Dirty Air Filters Can Damage Your Unit

HVAC air filters are designed to trap all of the pollutants coming in from outdoors. When these filters are covered in dust, dirt and pollen, they will starve your HVAC system of much-needed air. During routine maintenance, a technician will check your air filters and replace them if needed. The cost of routine HVAC maintenance pales in comparison to the problems it can help you prevent.

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The key to getting your unit properly maintained is finding the right professionals in your area. With some time and research, you can find an HVAC company to perform this maintenance.


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